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Monday, June 7, 2010

!Xiao S, Wang Lee Hom recommend “The Most Hardworking Newcomer”

Just returned to Taiwan from Japan, Vanness Wu showed up at a coffee dessert shop opened by his good friend yesterday. When he heard SETTV already applied to Golden Bell's "Best Actor" with his "Autumn's Concerto," Vanness said happily: "I'm very touched, if they invite me, I'll definitely attend."

Vanness' "Autumn's Concerto" settled his place as idol drama king. But he didn't decide to film any new drama at this time. SETTV originally planned to invite him to guest appear in new drama "Chong Wu Yan" (鐘無艷), but yesterday he said: "Time conflict, might not be able to perform."

In this period Vanness already rejected many new drama offer and plans to develop his career in Hollywood, expanding his part time business: "Many people think I should hold the current market, but I don't need to prove anything, it's good to just put yourself into it."

Besides his showbiz career, Vanness and friends' website "You buy I buy.com" is to be established. His accessory business is to break into America.

He said with a smile that he will make dessert for his girlfriend in private. Right now girlfriend is in Singapore and the two maintain their relationship through the phone. He expressed because girlfriend is not in the showbiz, in order to prevent trouble, he won't talk about her to the media in the future, and said romantically: "Just have to know that I love her very much and that's enough."

Source: UDN
Translated by: Kay's Entertainment

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