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Thursday, June 17, 2010

!Yunho “I Heard That Xiah Junsu Did Well In His Musical. I Want To Do Well Too” 100616

Group TVXQ’s Member U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho), who took a dip in the acting industry has now turned his sights to musicals.
U-Know Yunho, who will take on the role of Prince Lee Shin in the musical ‘Goong’, attended the press conference held on the 16th at the Imperial Palace Hotel and said, “I was worried because this is my first musical, but I think it’ll be fine as long as I work hard and do well,” and “Musicals mix dance, music, and acting well and have the charm of being able to express human emotions very clearly. I read the comic books and watched the drama, and I will work to make my own unique version of ‘Goong’.”

U-Know Yunho showed attachment to his role when he said, “Lee Shin is a lonely youth who dreams of breaking away from life, and there were times when I myself dreamed the same things during my career,” and “Lee Shin and I are similar in that both of us aren’t harsh, we’re warm and charming. I will get in touch with my inner Lee Shin and get to know the character more.”
He also said, “I heard that Junsu embodied his character very well. I want to do well too,” and talked about fellow TVXQ member Xiah Junsu, who appeared on stage as a musical actor in ‘Mozart!’ and received praise for his debut into the industry.
Director Song Byung Joon (representative of Group8) stated, “We will of course go all out for the coronation and wedding scenes, but we will not make it completely serious and rigid; we will add a comical and sweet touch to the musical.” He also explained, “We will make this a fusion stage that mixes traditional with modern to show the pains and growth of Lee Shin and his palace life as well as the love that sprouts. We will be adding b-boys to the musical as well to bring a bit of excitement.”
The representatives of the musical had previously stated that there were many inquiries about the musical from in and outside of Korea and they were not wrong. On the day of the press conference, numerous Japanese fans swarmed to the location and proved once more how popular U-Know Yunho was in Asia.
Source: [cbs culture+DNBN]
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