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Friday, June 17, 2011

MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia This July 2011

Gambar agak tidak sopan~ aku cukup benci gaya rock tu~yg 3 jari tuela. but.. aku ltk jugak kt sini~ just for entertainment service..
Oh yeah.. Everybody lets clap.. clapp... clap.. kenapa perlu tepuk ni? -----------------> gila mcm yvonne ke?
haha.. xdalah.. Nie nak bagitau yang..

Mtv World Stage akan diadakan di Malaysia.. wink wink.. sambil bangga dgn negara sendiri.. buat kali yang ketiga beb! Kali ini diadakan di i-City in Shah Alam this coming 24 July 2011! 

Untuk berita penuh baca ni:

UPDATED: "We are thrilled to return for the third year with MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia. We promise to deliver exciting live performances that will fuel the energy of our 15,000 World Stage fans who have shown us incredible support and enthusiasm over past two years," said Indra Suharjono, Viacom International Media Networks' executive vice-president and managing director of North and Southeast Asia. "I'm pleased to welcome our sponsors and fans to the third staging of MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia held at i-City. The new venue will provide a spectacular backdrop, perfect to celebrate the best in live music entertainment."

"We are excited to host the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011 in i-City as this is in line with our vision of creating a vibrant enclave for the community and the young to experience international world class events. This collaboration with MTV underlines the common brand values of both i-City and MTV Networks in general and our goal in reaching out to the youth of today in a socially responsible manner." Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong, Executive Chairman of I-Berhad.
Thirty Seconds To Mars is coming to Malaysia
Thirty Seconds To Mars is coming to Malaysia

Pop Shuvit will play their new song
Pop Shuvit will play their new song
  • "Xpax with its new mobile SMS-based social community network, Kolony, is bringing MTV World Stage to Malaysian fans! This year marks the fourth anniversary of the partnership between Xpax and MTV, the most popular music video channel. We are excited to see how Xpax through Kolony will stir a new wave amongst Malaysians, keeping them socially connected at all times. What better way to strike up the most exciting event of the year, MTV World Stage, than through a social network build solely on SMS. New games and engaging activities will be launched to enhance the Kolony service, further promoting this well known music event," said Dato' Sri Shazalli Ramly, Chief Executive Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad, adding that Xpax customers get to enjoy this latest SMS-based social network, Kolony for free with the brand new Xpax, on top of unbeatable call rate of 28sen for every 10 minutes.

  • "TWISTIES, Malaysia's favourite salty snack, is delighted to support the MTV World Stage. Providing Malaysian youth with avenues to immerse themselves in the world of music, become inspired and discover their musical talent has always been our aim. The MTV World Stage is an excellent platform to help make young lives irreTWISTIbly exciting," said Sunil Sethi, Managing Director, Kraft Foods Malaysia.
  • MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011 will be staged at i-City, Shah Alam, Malaysia on 24 July 2011. Doors open at 4.30pm. It will be broadcast on MTV SEA (Astro Channel 713) Monday, 8 August at 12am (Malaysia Time).

  • UPDATED: Calling all MTV fans, here is your chance to attain passes to the most anticipated music event of the year, MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2011. Be the lucky few to win exclusive passes to this yearly concert by logging on to http://worldstage.mtvasia.com.
  • Passes to MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2011 are up for grabs, answer a simple question on http://worldstage.mtvasia.com from 1 June till midnight of 6 July 2011 to stand a chance to win. Winners will be notified on their win instantly.
Other ways to win passes:


  • - Fire & Ice Package - RM300 each. Only 500 packages available. Each consists of 1 x MTV World Stage 2011 pass, 10x Snowalk tickets, 20x Outdoor rides tickets
  • - Spend RM100 (on single or accumulated receipts) from 10 June to 10 July 2011 in i-City and be among the 300 lucky winners to win MTV passes.
  • - Through Mastercard Debit Card Promotion (please refer below)


  • For fans to stand the chance to get FREE passes to the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011, simply participate in any of the following activities:
  • - Register today and join the infectious wave of Kolony, the first of its kind SMS-based mobile social network by sending Kolony to 25333. From 16 June 2011 onwards, KFREN MTV and start KDING and KBOMM all you can. The user with the most KDING and KBOMM will win a pair of passes. For more info on Kolony, visit www.kolony.com.my
  • - Xpax, U.O.X & S.O.X customers stand the chance to get 2 FREE passes to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011 by sending "MTV" to 28881 and reload minimum of RM50 during the promotional period starting from 10 June 2011 to 15 July 2011.
  • - Passes can also be obtained by simply downloading the relevant content on Channel X, www. channelx.com.my, the Ultimate Mobile Content Channel which works as a one-stop platform for Xpax youths to get the latest, trendiest and funkiest mobile content downloads.
  • - Starting from 10 June 2011 onwards, visit Xpax Facebook at www.facebook.com/xpaxfb for more details on how you can get free passes to this most happening music event.


  • - From 1-30 June, the first 1,000 new or existing Debit MasterCard cardholders who spend RM30 and RM60 respectively on their cards and SMS in their entry will qualify for two passes to MTV World Stage and Snowalk@i-City.
  • - On top of this, two debit cardholders will each stand to win a Rock On Priceless Package for two. This package includes passes to the MTV World Stage party, a limousine ride to MTV World Stage, chance to meet selected artistes up close & personal, a date with MTV VJ Holly and autographed MTV souvenirs.
  • - Qualifying debit cardholders can register for the passes by sending an SMS in the following format MCMTVFull NameNRIC number to 33387 by 30 June 2011. For more information, call 03-5635-1391 (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm excluding Public Holidays).


  • - Twisties will be giving out passes to MTV World Stage LIVE in Malaysia 2011 through the Twisties Malaysia Facebook page. To find out how you can win more passes with Twisties visit www.facebook.com/twistiesmalaysia regularly to find out.

Nota Jjinbbang: Mesti ada artis korea yang datang sebab nak ambik award ataupun jemputan khas sempena mtv world stage ni! so guys! apa tunggu lagi.. nantikan update yang seterusnya.. hope bigbang datang! xnak request suju sebab diorang dah byk kali dtg Malaysia. ;) peace!

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  1. Seems to be missing ICity, hope to get back there real soon..


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