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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2PM to appear on talk show and answer netizen questions

2PM has become one of Korea’s hottest groups with their catchy songs, hilarious personalities & overall presence, but the members have yet to appear on a talk show. But that’s all about to change with an upcoming episode of KBS’s Win Win (Seung Seung Gang Gu / 승승장구), Kim Seung Woo’s newest talk show that’s set to premiere on February 2. This show has already caught the attention of many due to its line-up of MCs, which includes Wooyoung and SNSD’s Taeyeon.
The premise of this show is pretty interesting: on each episode, the guests are asked questions by people through a popular Internet portal site.
On February 11, 2PM is scheduled to participate in the filming for a February 16 episode to support Wooyoung. Coupling the fact that this is 2PM’s first talk show appearance since their debut + the cryptic Jaebeom issue, Win Win will undoubtedly be receiving lots of attention. Hottests have long voiced their disapproval of JYPE’s reluctance to disclose much information on Jaebeom; do you think that’s going to change with this show?

Credit: Allkpop

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