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Sunday, February 21, 2010

! Jo Kwon’s first love revealed?

Netizens have dug up a questionable picture of 2AM’s Jo Kwon and it could very well be his first love. Who is it? Read below to find out.
Jo Kwon has told stories about his first love Oh Bang Shil before on We Got Married. Not only did he grab the attention of his fans with his first love stories but he also made his We Got Married wife Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In very jealous.
Netizens have been trying to figure out who this first love is ever since. On today’s episode of We Got Married, Jo Kwon gave a very big hint. While the two were shopping, After School’s Because of You started to play. Jo Kwon then yelled, “Bang Shil ah!”
Ga-In got angry and thought that maybe Oh Bang Shil was nearby but the netizens are thinking that he said it because it’s one of the members of After School. They have now pointed their fingers at new member Raina. Raina’s real name is Oh Hye Rin so that means she has the right last name. She’s also born in the same year as Jo Kwon. The two were also friends during high school which is proven by the photo below.

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