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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[k-news]Big Bang wins prestigious awards in Japan!

On the 29th – 31st of January, Korean idol group ‘Big Bang’ held their much-awaited concerts in Olympics Park Stadium in Korea. Since May last year, Big Bang officially entered the Japanese industry, and have been active there since. At the end of last year, they even won a number of prestigious awards including the Japanese Grand Prix du Disque and ‘Best Newcomer’. Therefore, this concert can be said as a well-deserved triumphant concert!
Without the fire service restrictions from Japan, Big Bang’s concert in Korea was extravagant; the fireworks at the beginning of the concert were 10 times as big as the ones in Japan. And during the whole concert, laser lights shone down at the audience, creating a very hot atmosphere. Big Bang sung 25 songs, including 3 Japanese songs. The organisers also played Japanese words on the big screen, but because Korea does not allow Japanese words to be played on television, only those at the concert were lucky enough to see it. And offstage, almost 30 people fainted from over-excitement and had to be rushed into the emergency room, evidently displaying the degree of fanaticism.
SOL expressed that he hopes music can become the bridge between Korea and Japan. G-Dragon also expressed his excitement of their triumph in Japan, and he wanted to “share the joy of winning awards in foreign countries with fans in our motherland.”
A total of 35,000 people attended their 3-day concerts. Now, Big Bang are preparing to hold 6 concerts in Budokan, Japan in early February, with production costs estimated to exceed 300million yen.
Korea’s super group Big Bang have finally shed their newcomer title, and are displaying their immense talent!
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