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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[News] SHINee short interview cut @ Singapore 100131

SHINee visits Singapore for the first time, and Xin.Sg had the rare opportunity to do a short interview with them, and understood about their views towards Korean dramas.
Key lamented that, their schedules are really too hectic, so they do not have time to watch Korean drams. But when they are outside and they see that the TV is showing “Boys Over Flowers” and the OST is being sang by them, they feel very happy. The reporter asked if they feel that Korean dramas tend to target girls more, Jonghyun laughed while nodding his head saying, perhaps so.

The 5 boys each have their own unique looks, and as to whether they will want to be a male lead in a Korean drama, Key said: “Currently we are busy performing for everyone, but I guess in the future, we will have a chance to do that. (Which female actress will you want to work with?) I don’t really have the chance to think about that now.”
The plot of Korean dramas are always very romantic, and the male lead is always like a prince charming, so if SHINee is to organise a surprise on Valentine’s Day for a girl, what kind of plans will they have? The 5 of them looked at each other for awhile before Jonghyun answered for everyone: “Up till now, we don’t have the chance to think about this, but if we have a girlfriend, we probably will plan some activities for her.” The reporter pressed on about what they will plan, and Jonghyun said shyly that for him, he will probably buy a lot of flowers for the girl.
Since SHINee has such red hot popularity, will they want to come and hold a concert here in our country? They expressed happily that even though there are no confirmed dates currently, but given the chance, they really hope to be able to come back.

Translation: atlantis-x
Source: soompi.com
Credit:SFI + wrs

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