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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[Tpop]Free Hugs from Mike He

Lucky fans, indeed they are! Taiwanese actor, Mike He (nicknamed Xiao Mei) was in Hong Kong to promote his latest film Love at Seventh Sight, at a local shopping center. Several female fans were given the chance to “profess” their love to the good looking actor during the event. The fans performed enthusiastically and besides screaming I love you, they also requested to hug the said actor on the spot. There were also fans who brought a cake to celebrate Xiao Mei’s birthday next month.
After the event Xiao Mei was asked whether he was frightened by the enthusiastic fans and he said — “Haven’t seen the fans in Hong Kong for a long time, miss them a lot. Wherever I go fans from Hong Kong will appear to support me which is very enjoyable. Today’s trip to Hong Kong is very significant, fans have waited for this movie for a very long time, my appearance at today’s function has given me a sense of accomplishment.” Even though the fans seemed overly aggressive at hugging their favorite actor, Mike He happily obliged by giving free hugs.
Love at Seventh Sight is a romantic film with Jacqueline Li (Li Xiaolu) that was shot in Beijing. The plot is as follows — He is an audio technician, an unromantic man looking for the most romantic sound on earth. In an unexpected encounter, he comes across two of the most romantic things—- a beautiful recreational vehicle and its beautiful owner. The girl loves to travel the world and the boy hopes to find the most soul-soothing sound in nature. Pursuing their dreams, they decide to travel together in the recreational vehicle. As they journey through picturesque sites and scenes, the girl helps him to regain his sensitivity and the boy teaches her how to value life. Their doubt for each other starts turning into love. Unfortunately, as he falls more deeply for her, the boy discovers that the girl is at the end of her life. She dreams of finding a legendary tree house where she can leave the world overlooking her hometown from afar. The boy decides to accompany her till her last days. But he never gets a chance to see her in her last moments. In order to leave him with the most beautiful memory, the girl rather leaves him quietly without saying good-bye. Devastated, the boy goes back home and hibernates for months. In the depth of his darkest time, the girl suddenly reappears before him, with a brand new look and attitude. She seems to be a totally different girl! He cannot believe nor can he accept it. What on earth has happened?
When asked whether Mike He has confidence in his film at the box office, he answered — “Haven’t thought about it, hope when fans see it they will feel that I have portrayed my character well.”
Source: On.cc + AsianFanatics

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