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Friday, February 19, 2010

!Vietnam News “Year of a Tiger: Jaejoong”, “The Most Beautiful Face” 100215

Điểm mặt sao Hàn sinh năm Hổ
Thứ Hai, 15/02/2010 10:16
-Translated Jeajoong’s part:
There is one common thing among JaeJoong, Hyun Joong and BoA, that they were all born in the year of a Tiger and they all make fans’ hearts skip with a fast beat because of their talents and beauties!

Jaejoong was born with blood type O… so this handsome singer has some typical characteristic of an O-blood-type man. He always gives his opinions and ideas about every matters of the group with his deep thinking and the clear explanation.
“Hero” (His Stage name) is also very neat and clean. We can see about it through the way he organizes his room. Besides hardworking on cleaning the house, JaeJoong also loves to cook and make the most delicious food for the members of DBSK. They all love Jaejoong’s food.
This caring and mindful man can cook 15 different dishes easily. So that he is called the “mama/umma/mommy” of the group.
When Jaejoong was a little child, he had tough time to earn a living. He had to do a lot of part-time job like doing deliveries, selling magazines etc… and that lead him to who he is now, very good in taking care of people around him.
He never thought about becoming a singer. His wish when he was a child was to become the manager of a supermarket with a very simple and cute reason. “He can eat as many candies as he can!” ^^
Even though Jaejoong has a little girly-face, he has really good built body thank to his keen on going to the gym. He was rewarded to have “The Most Beautiful Face” at his entertainment Company.
Source: http://www.zing.vn/news/nhac-chau-a/diem-mat-sao-han-sinh-nam-ho/a77347.html
Translated by: Xu@OneTVXQ.com
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