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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

! Wonder Girls Keep Doors Open for Mimi

Four members of the Wonder Girls - Sun, Yenny, Yubin and Sohee, had a meeting with fans' representative at 2pm on 8th of February at JYP Entertainment headquarters in Seoul.

The Wonder Girls explained that initially they felt panic over Mimi's decisions and asked Mimi not to give up. They got into long discussions among themselves to decide what is best for Mimi before informing the management about Mimi's decision to withdraw from Wonder Girls.
During the meeting, the girls also mentioned that the choice to leave was Mimi's and they have to respect her decision. The girls also stated that they would be responsible if they hold on to Mimi and she regrets it later.
As for the new member, Hae Lim, the girls told the fans to give her time and be supportive towards her as it is not possible for Hae Lim to fill the void left by Mimi, whom they have been practicing and performing with for the past 4 to 5 years.
On Mimi's withdrawal, the Wonder Girls stressed that Mimi will discontinue her activities only but not quitting her musical career. In the future, if Mimi wishes to be part of Wonder Girls again, they will always be ready to accept her anytime.
In reply to the question "why must it be a 5-person group ?", the girls responded that it is possible to have a 6-member group if Mimi wants to return to Wonder Girls in the future. However, having a 4-member group will pose problems for the line-up as it will be impossible to fill up the void left by Mimi.
Besides that, the fans were anxious to know why Mimi did not return to South Korea with the rest of the members. In reply to this, the girls stated that both Mimi and fans would be sad if she was to meet fans who want her to stay on.
Wonder Girls debuted on the 10th of February 2007. OMGKPOP would like to take this opportunity to wish Wonder Girls a happy 3rd anniversary!

Source: JoongAng Daily News (Chinese Web)

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