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Monday, June 21, 2010

Excerpts From Movie Week Magazine – The Musical Awards

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The Best Newcomer Awards, which is given to new stars of the musical industry, were awarded to two performers who are already top stars in their own genres, TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu (Mozart!) and ballerina Kim Juwon (Contact).

Also, , which had nine nominations, proved its popularity with the public when its stars Xiah Junsu and Jung Sun Ah won the BC Loun.G Popularity Awards based solely on votes from the public.
Xiah Junsu is here!
“Ah~!” Wherever Xiah Junsu goes, the screams of teenage girls are sure to follow. And the 4th The Musical Awards were no exception. The fans who were at the ceremony would cheer with all their might even when it was just Xiah Junsu’s face caught on screen by the camera or when MC Oh Manseok said his name in wordplay. It was a moment that proved his ‘Super idol power’ that lead to ’s success. He, who was attending his first awards ceremony as a musical actor, was awarded the BC Loun.G Male Popularity Award as well the Best Male Newcomer Award. Xiah Junsu stated, “It’s an honor to receive an award, not as a singer, but a musical actor. I’m so happy to receive this award because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will work harder to become a better actor.” He also sang ‘I cannot escape my fate’ during the second act opening performance and proved his potential as a musical actor.
Red carpet Fashion – gentle Xiah Junsu
Xiah Junsu, who successfully debuted in the musical , wore a relaxed and clean cut black suit. If one looks carefully, one can see that a different material was used in the collar of the jacket.
Source: [Movie Week+DNBN]
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