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Monday, June 21, 2010

[INFO] 100620 Stories of Jaebum from the old days @jaybumaom

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T/N: I think the poster might have compiled this from a lot of different sources. It was from a long time ago, when he was still a member of 2PM.

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Park Jaebum

He really can't talk Korean well, it's not a concept kekeke Talks to his mum nearly every day

Shy around strangers, he gets close to them but still stays a bit distance, he doesn't listen to business talk kekeke

Can't write, his handwriting is like a little kid's, but always tells everyone he's old

Is it because he's never had a blood test? Anyway he didn't know his blood type for a long time

Seems like he doesn't know how to do UFO replies, anyway he doesn't carry the device around much

He controls his eating to take care of his body…. But he needs to gain weight.. He doesn't eat for the life of him

He likes rice cakes and bread keke his nick name was dduk Jaebum and bread Jaebum kekeke he dribbles whenever he sees bread kekekeke Seattle hobo

He doesn't like his hair long, he likes short shaved hair; during 10 out of 10, it was his own idea to shave the side of his head with 2PM

In the old days he really only hung around with Jokwon, Bumkwon

And after Hot Blood when they were split into dance teams and vocal teams?
He started to hang around Ok Taecyeon like crazy, Taecbum (Ok Taceyeon liked hanging around with Khun too, TaecKhun), but when they hung around together it was always in english

He almost always practices right till the end, always the last to finish

People feeling his body? He really hates people touching him (-do not touch Jaebum-)

After always showing his abs on TV and people feeling it..

He once said girls are scary T_T… Let's all try to protect Jaebum..!! It hurts my heart..

He's a gagman hahahahhaha There are times when he makes jokes so dry you can't even laugh at them, but once people start laughing he can't stop~

He likes dancing, he loves the gym… Goes for about 2 hours every day?

At the gym, in one hand you'll see a 1.5L water bottle, while the other hand is holding his gym shoes

He really likes shoes, he shares clothes and shoes with Ok Taecyeon

But when he wears Ok Taecyeon's shoes he's always dragging them along, scuffing them kekek

In the old days he used to just use anyone's tooth brush -_- he knew that only he was sharing it with others
Other people would say they have their own toothbrushes, but he would say he's the only one who shares…

He's too honest kekeke For example he's never lying when he's complimenting, and even with people he doesn't know, he tells them straight up that he's stupid kekeke

He lives with the phrases "What?" and "Pardon?"

From time to time he might sound sarcastic, but it's not actually sarcam, it's how he speaks

He sometimes straightens his hair kekek but when it's long

He's shy in his own way kekek when someone criticizes him or talks about about him, he remembers for a long time

He doesn't go along with hot or cold weather, during the summer you'd see him wearing a thick long sleeve, and in the winter you'd see him wearing a short sleeve t-shirt, he likes what he wants to wear, he doesn't even sweat

He doesn't wash his hair from time to time, and when he doesn't it really looks like he didn't wash keke

He sometimes eats Kraze burgers, and rice noodles,

and he's a dork kekeke super dorky…..

Park Jaebum - nonsensical, irrelevant sayings = 0

When I saw him for the first time, he looks angry, a strong expression!! But once you get to know him, he's not like that at all, I don't think I've ever see him angry,

When he gets heated his tone does raise a bit, and during those times it seems like a lot of things are unfair for him kekekekekekeke

He always gets fooled by Ok Taecyeon kekke seems like Ok Taecyeon is the hyung

He loves AOM kekeke in battles he's called JAYAOM

When he says he's good at cooking, he said he's good at making ChexCoco cereal, since when was cereal considered cooking ? ?

He's still the same even after debut

When he's eating red bean shaved ice and it starts raining, he'd protect it under his shirt

A naturally beautiful woman kekeke, not a beautiful man, but a beautiful woman

He doesn't know how to address people, so he called people 'it'

He doesn't know what a ladybug is in english

When he got told to give a NII umbrella, he'd say he'd sell it for 20000 Won as if he's some kind of auctioneer kekeke the guy said if it's not 2000 won he won't buy it and had a verbal fight and had a verbal fight with him and in the end and bye-bye he lost the umbrella poor him.. Now that i think about it he should've bought it from him kekekeke

Even if he's sick, he doesn't show it kekekeke cause of his manly spirit ha

He said nonsense like when he debuts he'd go under the name of Dooly

He's the best at picking at what people say kekek he won't stop until that person agrees

When he eats a lot his upper stomach sticks out, it looks like a potbelly, so funny haha

Just as a bonus
This is from the Yong San? Fansigning!! This is the first time I'm uploading this

For the people who can't read his handwriting kekeke
p.s. OOO you've finally come, nice to meet you ke why did it take you so long? Study hard sshyu <3

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