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Thursday, June 17, 2010

!Jaejoong:“We Want To Show Our Happy Side!” Junsu & Yoochun Cry After The Encore 100614

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Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun, who cried at the response of the fans at Tokyo Dome for the last day of their Live Performance.

Stopping all activities since April, Korea’s 5-member group Tohoshinki’s Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun ended their “JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” at Tokyo Dome on the 13th of June. Jejung, who cried at the very first song in the Osaka Performance said “No matter what pain and sadness we’ve been through, we’ve endured it, we have been bearing with it.” And admitted to the emotional pain that they have been though. “But from here, I can see the crying faces of everyone, and that makes me sad, so from now on, I want to smile properly. To see everyone enjoying themselves, I think it’s better if we show you the happy side of ourselves,” he said. However, as they sang their new song during the encore, that was the moment that tears started to flow among the audiences below the stage.
This Live was performed at 2 different venues, with a total of 4 performances. Nearly 1 million applications for tickets were received, and Kyocera Dome was packed with 46,000 fans, a record breaking audience number for Kyocera Dome. Tokyo Dome was packed with 54,000 fans daily. The live, inclusive of the encore, saw a total of 18 songs performed, with 4 new songs being performed by the 3 members.
Yuchun, who cried at the Tokyo Dome encore stage, said “Last year was the first time, and this is the second time. (Last year) I really wanted to stand on the Tokyo Dome stage again, but I was worried”he admitted. Junsu said, “When this (Live performance) was decided, it was really like a dream. Because we don’t want to disappoint everyone who is supporting us, we want to work hard on this stage,”choking on his words.
From now, Junsu will be performing as solo artist XIAH Junsu, as well as a trio unit together with Jejung and Yuchun.
Source: [Daily News Digital]
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Tohoshinki’s New Unit Cries “I Still Want To Continue Singing From Now On”  100614

Popular group Tohoshinki on hiatus, has its members Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun for a new unit, and perform in Tokyo Dome for two days ending on the 13th. The 4 day tour attracted around 200,000 viewers. After the last song, Jejung commented “When I cried on the first day in Osaka, seeing everyone want to cry broke my heart. Today here, are you all smiling happily? Smiling, he also said “Since our debut till now, I want to keep my feelings pure and continue singing”, and the three promised that, and couldn’t suppress their painful tears.
Last year in July, Tohoshinki had their first Tokyo Dome performance, and after 11 months, they once again stood on that stage. Yuchun said, “In truth, here, to come here again, I was a bit worried. But, because all of you we are here. Really, thank you very much!” Overcoming the problems of disbandment, the three were thankful to be able to gather here again. Junsu also said, “having the Dome filled with everyone, it feels like a dream. I’m really happy”, and as he bowed, he started to cry.
On the first day of the Kyocera Dome performance, both the members and the fans cried. Telling us of his feelings at then, Jejung said “even though it’s only the 3 of us on the stage…. the thing’s we couldn’t tell you, the sad things, the painful things and such, the tears that we’ve been trying to hold back, that we’ve thought of showing.” In the face of a complicated future, they showed sincerity, today they decided to “laugh and enjoy with everyone,” and kept smiling.
However, when they sang the last ballad “W”, which contained lyrics that alluded to hope for a reunion with the remaining members of Tohoshinki, the feelings overflowed and they started to cry. As the 3 left the stage in tears, the 54,000-strong crowd clapped and there was a resounding cheer that delivered the message, “Thank you.”
With the concept of “Singing to thank the fans for their support,””JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” presented 4 new songs, including “Itsudatte kimi ni” (For you, always) and “W”, as well as other songs and solos, with a total of 18 songs performed. On the 28th of July, the documentary road movie of the three members’ journey of self-discovery before the new unit was active,“3hree Voices” will be released.
Source: [Oricon + XIAHKING]
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