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Monday, June 7, 2010

!Joe Chen and Roy Qiu Refuse to Promote New Drama Together

Three months ago, Joe Chen Qiao En broke up with Roy Qiu, the second leading male actor in Easy Fortune Happy Life and her costar in the mainland drama The Girl in Blue. Since then, because the relationship ended badly due to opposing personalities between the two, Joe Chen and Roy Qiu have not stayed in contact with each other. The Girl in Blue will soon be broadcasted on television; however, during promotions for the drama, only Roy Qiu appeared which caused promotions to be very difficult as there was not enough to discuss.

Yesterday, producer He Xiu Qiong expressed that she had heard about the news between Joe and Roy. She added that because Joe Chen was unable to take out even one day for promotions of the drama within the 16-day promotion period, there was no doubt that the outside world would speculate that Joe did not want to be on the same stage as Roy.

Currently, both Joe Chen and Roy Qiu have projects on hand. Nevertheless, Roy worked hard to move around his schedule in order to promote the drama. After receiving news about the promotion schedule, Roy immediately alerted his production crew in Xiamen and took a leave of absence in order to fly back to Beijing for The Girl in Blue promotions. Roy Qiu's agent said that because Roy wanted to have success with the drama, he decided to promote the show to the best of his abilities. When asked whether Joe Chen and Roy Qiu ended the relationship on poor terms, Qiu's agent said, "I'm not sure whether they are still friends."

On the other hand, Joe Chen's agent expressed that the relationship between the two did not affect promotions for The Girl in Blue. The actual reason why Joe Chen was not able to attend was because she was pressed to finish filming 《春光燦爛豬九妹》 for the Shanghai TV Festival and Film Festival.

Source: UDN
Credits: Evie @ CpopAccess

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