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Monday, June 7, 2010

!More Fan Reports of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu’s THANKSGIVING LIVE at Kyocera Dome and Fancam 100605

Yoochun rapped in “XIAHTIC.”
Jaejoong and Yoochun are the dancers for Junsu’s “Intoxication” performance today.
Junsu was wearing a red jacket together with his usual white outfit.
Junsu was crying till he was unable to continue singing during the encore. In the end, his voice got out of control. All three of them seem to have cried.

Yoochun’s Speech
I’m really sorry to have made everyone worry about me last year. I’m also not sure what the best thing to do is. I’ve thought of quitting after going through much pain last October. I stayed at home and refused to contact anyone. During that short period of time, the members have always been encouraging me, and after watching the fans’ supporting messages and videos, I’ve decided to keep going. There was no feeling of unease whenever we faced new challenges when we just debuted. Instead, we thought of them as fun encounters. However, such new challenges like last year’s issues were very scary. I was wondering if fans are able to accept such a thing from me.
I’m really happy to be able to meet everyone today. I will definitely work hard in future because I would like to see how I will be like during that time.
Yoochun finished his speech with a trembling voice.
Junsu’s video was played first, followed by Jaejoong’s and Yoochun’s respectively. After that, the three of them appeared, and they were wearing white coats with black shirts. As usual, the three of them were so charming, and I’ve written just now about how Yoochun’s hair was plaited and tied up as a ponytail.
The three of them revealed their feelings which they were unable to express through their new songs.
Jaejoong was the first to cry, and he said, “I was so happy that I cried because of the sight of the red lightsticks.”
I’ll write down the greeting part as much as I can remember.
Junsu, being the first to speak, said, “Long time no see,” and “Thank you very much.”
Yoochun: “Everyone is doing well, right? I’m Yoochun.”
Jaejoong: “Hi everyone! How is everyone doing lately? I’ve always been very confused about this live concert because I was worried whether people will turn up for it… It’s really awesome. In order to win everyone’s smile, I’ll definitely work hard.”
Junsu leave the stage first while “Shelter” was being performed.
After Yoochun left the stage, Junsu appeared again. While “君がいれば~Beautiful Love~” was played, Yoochun’s drama was shown on the screen. Then Junsu said, “Has everyone watched Yoochun’s drama? Yoochun has yet to watch it~ Yoochun~” When it was Yoochun’s turn to appear onstage, he went to the VIP area and shook hands with the fans.
When Junsu and Yoochun returned onstage, someone (T/N: The blogger didn’t state who it was) said, “Please, Master Junsu.” The big screen was showing a close-up of Yoochun from his drama. Junsu said, “I heard this rumour regarding the kiss scene in the drama. The drama originally didn’t have a kiss scene, but Yoochun did it impulsively.” Then Yoochun replied, “There’s no such thing.”
Source: JapanFanBlog + 米仓 + 路过的一只吧 + JUNSUbaidu
Translation: sicashinki @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


Fan Report

2010-06-05 21:32:58
The 3 voices.
It has ended now.
JaeJoong cried during the first song.
His eyes were really red.
“I was worried about whether people would come.”
What the trio have said during the Encore,
I have recorded them down with my own memory.
YooChun: “The circumstances right now are hard, there were times when I had thoughts of quitting (the entertainment circle). Last October, I did not contact any of the members. Last night, I was worrying if I could see everyone’s smiling faces. (T/N: The person who wrote this entry felt that he wasn’t only talking about the fans, but also Jaejoong and Junsu.)
JunSu: “Regarding our decision (on the lawsuit), it has made everyone worried and sad, I’m really sorry… I guess I can repay everyone only by singing right now.”
JaeJoong: “It must have been hard for everyone during these times right? However, my heart has not changed, from the start when all of us debut as TVXQ, till now. There are a lot of things I wanted to say, but I could not, however, everyone can definitely understand me.”
From the first song, all of us are carrying the same emotions.
The last one represents our feelings. (T/N: Person who wrote this entry isn’t sure who said it.)
Just like this, they sang the last song, which they composed themselves. (T/N: I’m not sure if this person meant the 3 of them composed it or not.)
I believe one day our paths will cross again
Under the same sky
I say to you
Love, never say goodbye

The feelings for you
The faith for you

I’m proud because of you
Yes, while singing this song
Junsu cried till he could not speak
The 3 of them Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu had cried.
I also cried along with them.
“We will be singing this song continuously, for the future, where we will meet once again. We have received so much love from the fans.”
I felt the emotions Yunho and Changmin had.
Just like what Jaejoong have said (wants to say, but couldn’t say)
The three of them have always loved the two
(The three of them have been bearing the weight of the love from the two)
I pledge.
This is what they will never change!
TVXQ has never left, not even once!
Source: JapanFanBlog + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: nings @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


Fan Report – JYJ Thanksgiving Concert at Kyocera Dome, Osaka 100605

[T/N: Make room for things lost in translation, thanks. Square brackets are my thoughts.]
Lights went out a little after 18:00. First shots onscreen were individual interviews of the 3.
+ Title Unknown
I didn’t catch the title, but it featured the three.
A ballad.
Rather than upbeat songs, they chose this kind of song to sing.
I’m starting to tear up at this point.
Its a joy hearing these three voices, but not hearing five makes me lonely.
Its the same with the others, I think, as we listen to this song.
Jae started to cry while singing.
I’ve never seen a man cry so so beautifully, really.
While watching, I cried even more.
After the song ended, there was a little MC.
“I was anxious about whether everyone will come.”
Aah, I don’t remember the order but bear with me.
+ If you ~Beautiful Love~ (Junsu)
He sang on the main stage while Yuchun’s drama MV was screening.
It was the first time hearing it live today!
Jaejoong joked about the drama during the MC, “I heard a rumor that Yuchun tried kissing even though there wasn’t any in the script.”
Yuchun laughed and fervently denied it lol
+ Shelter (Jae & Yuchun)
I love love this song! ^^
Jae’s hair is Dr’s, Junsu is Junsu’s, while Yuhcun is…how do I say it…since when did your hair grow so long? I’m not even sure if its his real hair.
It kind of reminds me of Changmin’s hair in FITB…
+ 君のために←めっちゃ曖昧(?) (Jae)
Before the start of this song
“How are you guys?”
“How have you been?”
“Are you guys alright?”
I heared over and over.
I couldn’t answer…because I was wasn’t ok.
I was crying.
I’m sorry, Jae. But I didn’t want to lie. ‘Mianhe.’
“I’ve prepared a Korean song, I hope you guys will listen.”
It’s one of his favorite Korean songs.
I vaguely remember the title, but there was a Japanese translation onscreen.
“Because I’m dangerous, I’ll leave to you.”
mishi: here’s the song with eng subs
[ http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=UjLvQWiINNg]
+ English Songs (JYJ)
I didn’t know any of the titles.
They roamed around the runways while singing.
+ Been So Long (Jae & Yuchun)
The M-flo tribute song
Plus a special guest appearance!
Its really LISA! :D
I could see this performance quite clearly bc I was the first seat near the end of the runway! Really exciting~ <3
Collaboration with Mr. DJ MAKAI
[something about mobile games]
+ Kanashimi no Yukue/A Future of Sadness [what's the official translation of this title? =x] (Junsu)
Junsu sang it with intense feelings~
The video was also shown and it was really sad.
I had goosebumps~
During the MC Junsu said, “I never really cry during movies or dramas but I cried when I saw this one! Jaechun even called all the way from Korea to ask, ‘Did Junsu really cry watching a drama??’” LOL
+ Maze (Jae)
(…) [just spazzing :9]
[ http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=lVqF1Pw7Kk4]
+ Girl Friend (Yuchun)
I almost fell over.
“I choose her,” he pointed to the audience.
A girl was chosen. A girl. Of course. [m: LOLOL]
[long spazzing bc Yuchun was touching her and gave her flowers and kissed her hand at the end]
+ Rainy (JYJ)
[ow diba Junsu solo to? basta may trench coat factor daw. kasi rainy. lol.] This is a Junsu solo, right? There’s a ‘trench coat factor.’ Because it’s rainy. Lol
+ Just Because You are/I Love you (JYJ)
And old song by the the Kome Club.
Its a song my mom enjoyed a lot.
+ COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~ (Jae & Yuchun)
Appearing far left and right was Jaechun
And slowly, from there to the main stage.
Towards the end of “lalala~” we all sang. :)
And at the end of “Like a melody and harmony in love”
Jaechun repeats “In Love” over and over
When Junsu suddenly spoke
“Hurry up! You guys are taking too long!”
Jaechun was at the main while Junsu was backstage
And then there were three people harmonizing and…
“In love~” :)
The two goes backstage for costume changes and Junsu-time begins.
“Even though I’ve recently sealed my oyaji gags, I have one tonight for you guys!” :)
Yuchun’s BeeTV video were shown
and a little of Jae’s Sunare~
After it ended, the entire venue called for an encore.
+ Encore: Intoxication
After watching it through various programs recently, finally!
Jaechun also appeared during the dance!
Jaejoong and Yuchun really danced! I LOVED IT! It was really cool!
Jun-chan finished it off~ :D
+ Encore MC (it was really much longer than this. pulled from memory.)
We made a lot of people sad
We made a lot of people cry
With our decision
Even though I want to say it to everyone…
Even if there’s a lot want to say, I can’t. (Jae started crying here)
We cry together, we laugh together
Us all us here in this place
We share the same feelings.
Around October last year, I thought this would all end (Micky in tears)
I didn’t talk to anyone and I really thought of leaving
But receiving messages from fans made me think about everything once again
This challenge…this frightful challenge
Until now, I’m still scared of setting out in this new path
Not just as “Micky Yuchun”
But the Yuchun that I am now
And because I receive courage from everyone
I face this challenge with courage.
We made everybody sad…
I thought this a lot

And I still think it

Being able to make music
And being able to sing your song for everyone
I think that and…
I can keep singing until I die.
+ W (JYJ)
An original song as well
If it was written by all three, I’m not sure
But they were all crying during this song
As the lyrics flowed on the screen, by throat started to burn…
I thought at the beginning that it was a song for the fans
But clearly, it was for the 2.
The tears couldn’t be stopped anymore.
Junsu cried and cried until he couldn’t sing anymore…
Some of the parts they really couldn’t sing
They would like to sing as five, after all
And they’re not.
I can’t see clearly the reasons of the three and the two
But in the future, I WILL go see Tohoshinki as five. Absolutely.
PS; A suprise celebration for Yuchun!
JJ sang a birthday song with everyone~ :)
Anyhow, I’ve cried so much during this live
So I’ll be resting now! ^^
Source: [Yumi-chan]
Translation:[ frostedchinadoll @ cassph.org + CassPH’s Facebook]
Shared by: [OneTVXQ.com]

Oyaji Gag


“W (Double)” ~This isn’t goodbye~

Jaejoong and Yoochun – Shelter

Junsu – Kimi ga Ireba

Credits: [esayel@YouTube, dirah9314@YouTube, OneTVXQ.com]

Lyrics and Translation for the New Song – “W (Double)”

The translation you will soon be reading belongs to its respective translator and to OneTVXQ.com.
Do not edit them, nor alter them in any way because we will know. Do not claim them as your own.
Thank you very much, and please do enjoy! ♥
夜空に浮かんだ 星が文字を描き出すのは
Yozorani ukanda hoshiga mojiwo egaki dasunoha
The letters that the stars created in the night sky
偶然じゃないと 今もまだ信じてるよ
Guuzen janaito imamo mada shinjiteruyo
I still believe that it is not just by chance
同じ闇の中で 同じ距離のままで
Onaji yamino nakade onaji kyorino mamade
In the same darkness, in the same distance
W wo egaki tsuduketeiru
We are painting the W in the same way
君に見つかるように もっと輝くから
Kimini mitsukaruyouni motto kagayaku kara
We will shine more and more so that you can find us
keep in mind that I love you.
keep in mind that I love you.
Keep in mind that I love you.
きっ と
I wish…
いつか逢えるから 瞳を閉じる度君を想う you’re everything
Itsuka aerukara mewo tojiru tabi kimiwo omou you’re everything
Our paths will cross again, I am thinking about you every time I close my eyes, you’re everything
君が居ることが 今もまだあたりまえなんだよ
Kimiga irukotoga imamo mada atarimae nandayo
It is still natural that you are by our side
た だ今は君が幸せであると願い
Tada imaha kimiga shiawasedearuto negai
We can only wish that you are happy
Bokurano kaidanwo hitotsuhitotsu nobotte ikuyo
We will climb our stairs one by one
僕 らはまだ僕らの未来を想像しながら 君を待ってるよ
Bokuraha mada bokurano miraiwo souzou shinagara kimiwo matteruyo
We are still waiting for you, imagining our future
I wish..
いつか逢えるから 瞳を閉じる度君を想う you’re everything
Itsuka aerukara mewo tojiru tabi kimiwo omou you’re everything
Our paths will cross again, I am thinking about you every time I close our my eyes, you’re everything
君が居るこ とが 今もまだあたりまえなんだよ
Kimiga irukotoga imamo mada atarimae nandayo
It is still natural that you are by our side
いつか逢えるまで 君の居場所は守ってるよ
Itsuka aerumade kimino ibashha mamotteruyo
We will keep your place here, until the day we can meet again
君ともう一度 笑えると信じてるから
Kimito mouichido waraeruto shinjiterukara
We believe that we can laugh together with you once again
You’re my love Please hold on
You’re my love Please hold on
You’re my love Please hold on
時が流れ ても どんな痛みが待っていても
Tokiga nagaretemo donna itamiga matte itemo
Even when the days pass by, and that there may be pains
君はいつまでも 僕たちの 「プライド」なんだよ
Kimiha itsumademo boku tachino “pride” nandayo
You are always our “PRIDE”
夜空に浮かんだ 星に君が呟いたのは
Yozorani ukanda hoshini kimiga tsubuyaitanoha
The words that you murmured to the stars shining in the nightsky
さよならじゃないと 今もまだ信じてるよ
Sayonara janaito imamomada shinjiteruyo
We still believe that it is not “Good bye”
同 じ空の下で 同じ夢を描き
Onaji sorano shitade onaji yumewo egaki
Under the same sky, dreaming the same dream
W wo sagashi tsuduketeiru
We are still searching for the W
同じ形のまま ずっと輝くから
Onaji katachinomama zutto kagayaku kara
We will always shine in the same shape
keep in mind that I love you.
keep in mind that I love you.
keep in mind that I love you.
逢いたくて 逢いたくて
aitakute aitakute
I want to see you, see you
逢いたくて 逢いたくて
aitakute aitakute
I want to see you, see you
逢いたくて 逢いたくて
aitakute aitakute
I want to see you, see you
逢いたくて 逢いたくて 逢いたくて
aitakute aitakute aitakute
I want to see you, see you, see you
I wish…
い つか逢えるから 瞳を閉じる度君を想う you’re everything
Itsuka aerukara mewo tojiru tabi kimiwo omou you’re everything
Our paths will cross again, I am thinking about you every time I close my eyes, you’re everything
君 が居ることが 今もまだあたりまえなんだよ
Kimiga irukotoga imamo mada atarimae nandayo
It is still natural that you are by our side
いつか逢えるまで 君の居場所は守ってるよ
Itsuka aerumade kimino ibashoha mamotteruyo
We will keep your place here, until the day we can meet again
君ともう一度 笑えると信じているから
Kimito mouichido waraeruto shinjite irukara
We believe that we can laugh together with you once again
T/N: The lyrics were from my own hearing and also taken from the lyrics on screen. When the vocals and subs (on screen) differ, I gave the preference to the subs.
Source: esayel @ YouTube
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


Fan Report

Everyone and their mum has posted a fan account, but I’ve just finished my own from yesterday, and thought I’d share it in case it contained any new information. :)
(Apologies in advance for how rambling, flaily and scatterbrained it is! I typed up things as I remembered them so it’s a bit all over the place…)
- It was incredibly bittersweet. It was so good to see them together, goofing around, but there were two pretty obvious holes as well. They sounded amazing, it wasn’t like they were ‘missing’ anything concrete, but it was different to what I’ve known for the last 5-odd years, you know? The stage seemed…big. :/
- They’d all cried before the end of the first song. It was awful. The girls around me were crying. I was crying. It was 40 000 people, crying together.
- They sang Whitney Houston’s, ‘I have Nothing’. LOL. But actually, it was amazing, omfg. They conquered that song, it was mind-blowingly good. It brought tears to my eyes!
- It felt to me like it kind of somewhere between a concert and a fan-meet? They couldn’t perform any of their songs from DBSK, obviously, as they’re missing a couple of people to do the harmonies, and er, it’d be a bit tasteless really. So they seemed a bit light on singing materials, and had a lot of MCs/videos. BUT THAT’S OK, because they played some amazing videos (Making Of footage alone was so lol-tastic that it was worth the price of entry, there was definitely a ‘let’s pick on Yoochun!’ vibe to it) and the MCs were alternatively heartbreaking and hilarious.
- YOOCHUN HAS A NEW GREASY HAIRSTYLE. :D b It’s like he got extensions, cornrowed everything except his bangs back to the point where it could be tied in a ponytail, then he, er, ponytailed it. I actually kind of like it, though it was a bit in-your-face when I first saw it!
- Junsu singing Kanashimi no Yukue BROKE MY HEART. He just looked so sad and lonely and broken and by the time he sang the last line, “boku wa samushii,” (‘I’m so sad’) he was crying, and I was crying and it was awful. But he sounded amazing, and there was so much raw emotion in the song.
- On that note, a lot of their singing tonight was just filled with emotion. The few pop numbers, not so much, but all the ballad-y type stuff actually blew me away. And usually I’m a, “well, ballads are nice, do you have something more interesting?” kind of girl, but there was seriously so much raw emotion in their voices, I could have listened to them sing like that all night!
- OH OH OH. But but, Junsu sang ‘Xiahtic’ and Jaejoong sang ‘Maze’ and they were both hot and sexy. ‘Maze’ was like, rock-sexy, with wind machines and stuff, and ‘Xiahtic’ was like, ‘I’m-going-to-do-naughty-things-to-you-A
LL-NIGHT’ sexy. Junsu is THE beastly idol.
- ‘Intoxication’ in the encore was um. Extremely fierce. It was possibly sexier because Junsu wasn’t wearing ten kilos of bronzer.
- Yoochun and Jaejoong joined in in the dance break to ‘Intoxication’! Sexy times were had.
- Yoochun’s solo, on the other hand, ‘Girlfriend’, was greasy greasy greasy in all the best possible ways lol. He came out and was like, “Who came with a partner today?” and then was like, “hmm, no one. Ok TODAY I WANT A GIRLFRIEND,” and all the girls watching promptly flailed in anticipation. He wound up pulling this girl from the audience and was holding her hand and pulling her around stage with him, then was all, “What’s your name/where are you from/etc.” Then he got to, “How old are you?” and the girl was all, “15,” and Yoochun’s jaw just like, DROPPED, hahahahahaha. That girl did NOT look fifteen! Then he asked her if she had a boyfriend, she said no, he went, “GREAT! :D !” and it was generally awesome. Then he sang the song to her, was generally kind of sleazy in that loveable Yoochun fashion, then he DITCHED HER ON THE STAGE TO GO GET HER FLOWERS, HAHAHAHA. He was just like, “Stay here! :D ” and vanished down a trapdoor, leaving the poor thing sitting on a chair on stage with a bajillion people watching her, rofl. He came back with the flowers hidden behind his back, sang some more, gave them to her, she blushed, he kissed her hand, she nearly died, etc., the usual.
- Jaejoong kept saying they didn’t think anyone would come to see them, and crying. It made me cry too.
- ‘Colours’ was so beautiful, and Jaejoong and Yoochun were just like fanservicefanservicefanservice the whole time, rofl. At the end Jaejoong reached out and it looked as if he was going to like, hold Yoochun’s face? But at the last minute he grabbed his mic instead, traded it with his own, then held his hand for the last line. :D
- They also came out of one of those whoosy trapdoor things together once, holding each other. LOL. Junsu was just like, “Wtf you guys. XD”
- Junsu came out at the end of ‘Colours’ and said…something, IDK, but Jaejoong and Yoochun were like, “join us!” and they all like, ON THE SPOT, worked out a little harmony and re-sang the last line of the song together. It was beautiful.
- YOOCHUN SAYING HE HAD THOUGHT OF QUITTING. T_T And everyone in the audience just yelled out, “Ganbare! Hwaiting!” and urrgh. TEARS.
- After Junsu sang ‘Xiahtic’, Jaejoong was MCing and he was like, in genuine shock, “Junsu! I really don’t understand it…but you’re actually cool when you’re on stage!” I lol-ed so much.
- YOOCHUN HAD A RAP SOLO IN ‘XIAHTIC’. It was all Engrish-y and had something about getting drunk. A+ YOOCHUN.
- They kept giving Junsu crap about calling himself the ‘charisma’ of the group in the past or something, lol, but then they were like, “but actually…he kind of is,” or SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES, bad memory is bad.
- Junsu gave them crap about being in dramas, haha, and got clips rolled from Yoochun’s new BEE TV drama and Jaejoong’s Twitter drama. And both of them were just like, “OMFG THE SHAAAAAAME,” and blushing and shit, it was cute.
- Jaejoong sang a song in Korean. It was so beautiful. T_T
- They had Lisa from m-flo guesting in one of the songs! She’s a pretty awesome singer! Jaejoong snuck a quick kiss on her cheek at the end of the song I think (or at least he came close!) much to her surprise. XD
- YOOCHUN’S BIRTHDAY! :D They flashed a message up on screen before the concert telling us that at the cue, we were all to wish Yoochun a happy birthday, sing the song, and do like, a love sign with our arms (you know, your finger tips point to the crown of your head?). We did. It was cute. Jaejoong and Junsu (and by the end, Yoochun) made ‘Happy Birthday’ into the most beautiful song in the world, with amazing harmonies, what’s up with that. T_T
- The new songs were all so beautiful, I want them on CD. Especially the last song of the evening which was dedicated to ‘friends’ (read – the other DBSK guys) and had BEAUTIFUL lyrics, it was all, “we’re under the same sky,” sort of stuff, but really pretty, and yeah, they totally rocked that one and were all crying at the end.
- They ran some video footage of them from different countries, it was like, a preview to a DVD coming out later this year. Yoochun in Korea, Jaejoong in Canada and Junsu in Australia. It was pretty good footage guys. I think I want to see this DVD.
- I think it was during ‘TOKYO LOVELIGHT’, Yoochun called Jaejoong ‘JJ’. Like, ‘JaeJae’. IT WAS KIND OF CUTE. HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON.
- Junsu is still doing old-man jokes. He was like, “IF I DO THIS, EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY,” or something, it was totally cute, even though I was sure he said he wasn’t going to do oyaji-jokes anymore, lol. And he was trying to make it like, a corner thing, he was like, ‘this is Junsu-ta’ which I think was meant to be an abbreviation of ‘Junsu-time’. Or not. My Japanese is so fail. But I’m sure he said something about it being ‘Junsu-time’. He got the drum guy to do a ba-boom-boom thing with his drums every time he said ‘Junsu-ta’, then got us all to say it, then Yoochun (I think) was giving him crap from offstage, just talking into his mic, lol.
- Jaejoong and Yoochun introduced themselves to one another in character from their dramas, and leaving Junsu out, much to his seeming indignation. This is after he embarrassed them with footage from their shows though, so he kind of deserved it lol.
- They were doing an MC thing and changed into these massive long coats while they were talking. At the end Jaejoong was like, “We transformed! :D !”. It was totally cute.
- The stadium looked so beautiful when the lights dimmed and all the red lights came on. There was one moment where Junsu (?) was singing on one of the stages and everyone in the hall was turned towards him and beating their glowsticks in time, and it was kind of like a giant beating heart. Is it creepy to say it like that? But it really was, and it was actually really pretty.
- They had this song, it was a new one (I think they said they came up with it themselves? Possibly…?) and it was quite poppy and dance-y, and they taught us choreography to do with them in time. Jaejoong kept trying to make sure we knew it, and Yoochun was like, “Whatever, PREPERATIONS COMPLETE! :D ” and the song began, lo~l.
- I’ve mostly recalled the light-hearted stuff, so my account has come off that way, but actually the mood was quite somber for a lot of it. There was a lot of crying going on around me. Probably up until ‘TOKYO LOVELIGHT’, everyone, boys and fans included, were quite teary. It was extremely bittersweet. But afterwards, I came out of it feeling like I would be happy with anything they did, so long as it made them happy. I really could feel how hard they’ve worked up until this point, how sad they are that things have turned out this way, how determined they are to go on in spite of that. They seemed quite…fragile, actually, and so small too, the three of them alone in that giant stadium. To turn it into a pretty metaphor, it felt like they’re hanging on so hard to everything they’ve had together and, emotionally, they’re only holding on by their fingernails now and the tiniest push would dislodge them, but despite that they’re hanging on with all their strength. It was both sad and inspiring to watch them, if that makes sense. :/
But yes, it was amazing, and I just felt afterwards that I could support them in anything they do, for as long as it takes, while they’re holding out themselves for the other two.
Credits: [guiltyschu @ LJ]
Shared by: [OneTVXQ.com]


Confessions of JaeSuChun at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome 100605

Because of our problems last year.
We have made our fans worried.
I’m not sure myself how I should do it; it’s really painful.
In October (last year), I even thought of giving it all up.
Locked myself up at home, not contacting anybody.
At that time, the members encouraged me.
Saw many supporting messages and videos by fans.
Decided to continue.
Since debut,
I have never felt any insecurity when it comes to challenges.
Challenges made me happy.
However, what happened last year frightened me; the prospect of new challenges.
What we are challenging now, will our fans approve of it?
Today, being able to see all of you, I’m really happy.
From now on, I will definitely put in my best.
Please look after us.
*YooChun’s voice was trembling while speaking.
Our decision last year (lawsuit).
Has made our fans and staff upset.
To a point where we could not take.
We have given so much trouble to the people around us.
Every rumour was exaggerated.
Eventhough we wished to tell the truth and express our thoughts behind all these, the situation doesn’t allow us to. It’s really painful for us.
We have made everyone worried, upset and have caused pain.
Therefore, we were worried whether everyone will turn up today.
We have saddened everyone. Therefore our wish is to give all of you a happy performance with smiles.
But I didn’t expect to cry at the very first song.
We will be holding on to the same heart we had during our debut, for our future activities. In hopes that everyone will have some belief in our decisions, and support us.
*JaeJoong was crying while saying all of the above.
Because of our decision (lawsuit), we have made everyone sad.
I’m really upset about it.
I asked myself what could I do?
What I could do is still, only, to sing.
To all our fans, I wish to convey through my songs.
I can only sing.
I want to sing.
Source: JapanFanBlog + YUAERUBI + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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