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Monday, June 21, 2010

[News] Donghae, doing B-Boy and spoilt the mic. Kang Ho Dong “Need to discuss with the company”

Suju Donghae, doing B-Boy and spoilt the mic.. Kang Ho Dong “Need to discuss with the company”

Idol group Super Junior Donghae showed off his strong and handsome break-dance, causing the microphone to be spoilt.

In the StarKing broadcast on the 19th, there are people doing activities (meaning dances) that requires lots of skills. A brazilian dance that originated from Africa that combines traditional dance and defensive movements, new style of B-boy that combines movements and actions from yoga etc, these dances have started a handsome stage that cannot be easily seen now.

Next it’s Donghae’s turn. Donghae appeared together with the handsome B-Boy team and High Five, and created a shocking performance through the intensive B-Boy performance. But suddenly Donghae’s dance has stopped and he covered his face with a panic look. That is because the microphone on his waist has broke into pieces and flew to the front of the stage while he was dancing.

Regarding this, using his quick wits, Kang Ho Dong said “In this kind of public situation, this holds for a discussion by SBS and Super Junior’s company, SM”, and this kind of content has caused Donghae to be less worried, and also made everyone laugh on the spot.

Credit: 海世代
Chinese translation: Aidenly Coco
English translation: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
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