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Friday, June 18, 2010

[NEWS]Not 'One of them', but the 'Only',

4Minute came back with a 2nd mini album and distinct transformations, taking top spots on online music charts. Smiling, 4Minute said, "To show everyone a different image, we worked really hard to lose weight. Compared to our debut times last year, we became prettier right."

Heo GaYoon's true value
GaYoon caught much attention as she looks more stunning now. She showed her v-shaped face which is the result of successfully cutting down some weight .

"I always heard people say that my face looks like a pig, it was saddening. I was determined to make myself look more beautiful, so I exercised diligently and ate a lot of chicken breast meat."

Sitting beside her, HyunAh cut in, "Our dorm is in a flat at Kangnam, we didn't know why there is always a chair in the middle of the dressing room. Later we got to know GaYoon unnie sits on it every day, doing leg exercises. It's not enough to just go to the gym, she continues to exercise even at home. It's really extreme." (laugh)

JiYoon dyed her hair for the first time in her life; maknae SoHyun cut her hair which measures 30cm long and started to adopt the role of a rapper.

SoHyun said, "I always had to appear as a child star for activities, didn't know what kind of role I have to take on, so my hair is always long, I never cut it. This time the unnies thought I would cry when I cut my hair, but I felt more at ease."

Invading Asia
At the start of the year, 4Minute had concerts and showcases in Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan. "When we were performing overseas, we couldn't even have any minor mistake. To achieve that, we have been really determined. I was touched when Japanese fans sang Hot Issue along with us in Korean," said GaYoon.

The 5 members said, "There were so many young female fans. Everybody has been saying that in Japan, after Amuro Namie, there were few female singers who can be so popular among young girls."

"Our dream is not to become 'One of them', but the 'Only'. Our goal is to become a uniquely charming 4Minute," said JiHyun.

Credit: Joins CN
Translated + edited by: kueensora@4-minute.com

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