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Monday, February 22, 2010

! 2AM's Changmin gets a new nickname

Find out what Changmin's new nickname is along with his fantastic acheivement!

“Dae-Jol-Dol’ (Idol whom has graduated university/college) is now the nickname given to Ballad Group’s 2AM Lee Changmin by fans, following his previous nickname, “Goon-Pil-Dol” (Idol whom has fulfilled his army duties).
He graduated Donga Broadcasting Arts University’s Faculty of Arts program on the 18th. Unfortunately however, he was not able to attend his degree ceremony due to him having to go to a schedule.
While in university, Changmin had focused on studying practical music and vocals. He said that despite the busy schedules because of the groups’ activities and appearing on variety shows, “I tried my best to graduate this year. I attended every time I was free, and I took various exams that had to do with my graduation.”
2AM, the group the Lee Changmin is a member of, has recently blown away the music industry for the first time in their debut of three years, with their new song ‘Even If I Die, I Can’t Send You Away’.
Additionally, another one of their new songs, ‘I’m Sorry I can’t Laugh’ is also gaining popularity at the same time.
Lee Changmin had gained the nickname “Goon-Pil-Dol’ by finishing his army duties very early for the first time in the history of idols.
Congratulations Changmin on this wonderful accomplishment!
Translated by JinaStar @ 2ONEDAY.com //CREDITS: NATE (SOURCE)
shared: Omgkpop

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