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Sunday, February 21, 2010

!Super Junior Bodyguards & Fans Causes Havoc…

Today was idol boy group Super Junior’s taiwan concert which is part of their SuperShow2 tour, the boys touched down at taiwan Taoyuan airport this morning, however the place was packed out with about 2000 fans, as you can imagine there was plentiful of pushing and shoving going around. As soon as the boys got off the plane, fans, cameras,posters  were all shoved into their faces and the whole atmosphere was filled with loud screaming.
Hovac and chaos broke loose when equipment and people started to fall on the floor, fans even camped till the early hours in the freezing cold outside Super Junior’s hotel just to get a glimpse of their idols!
The bodyguards worked hard to keep everyone and everything in order however an incident was where a fan got too close to member Sungmin and videoed him, the fan’s camera was litterally shoved at Sungmin’s face, because of this the fan was loudly yet rudely told off by one of the body guards and she was shoved out of the way! This is not a case of manager assaulting fan but bodyguard. Thankfully both Sungmin & the fan was unhurt. Afterwards when the fan was asked if she still liked Super Junior after the treatment she received from the bodyguards, she responded :’I just don’t like the bodyguards.’
I have to say poor Sungmin he looked scared that was afterall his personnal space that was invaded, but fans were excited!
Video footage shows the incident, which starts at around:  0.42.
Take out with full credits!

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