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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[INFO] Tohoshinki Japanese Activities Surpassing Expectations!

Tohoshinki’s popularity in Japan is still as explosive as ever.

The March edition of women’s magazine , which TVXQ posed as the cover models for, was completely sold out on the 23rd, only two days after its release.

TVXQ is the first male group to grace the cover of ever since its first release 35 years ago.

A representative said, “Last March, we had a TVXQ special in the magazine for three months and the response we received from it was explosive.
Taking into consideration that the theme for the covers is ‘Surprise’, we decided to give TVXQ fans a special surprise.
Therefore, we began continually asking TVXQ’s side for a confirmation to our proposal since last summer and we finally succeeded in getting it.”
The photoshoot and interview took place in December, and even though TVXQ was busy with their scheduled appearances in NHK’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen and the Japanese Record Awards, the members took an active approach during the photoshoot and kept the atmosphere bright and cheerful the entire time.

The TVXQ special named ‘Valentine Day Special’ is eight pages long with pictures as well as a ‘100 Q&A’ from each of the members that reveals information about their private lives. The edition also contains photos signed by the members as a present to the readers.

The March edition magazine that was sold out in two days is currently reaching prices as high as 5000 Yen (55 USD) on Auction, which is significantly larger than the original price of 650 Yen (7 USD). In numerous fansites, many fans who could not buy the magazine can be seen saying things like, ‘I want to buy it, but no store has it,’ ‘I can get a taste of TVXQ’s popularity in Japan through this. I knew that buying concert tickets was hard, but I didn’t expect to find buying a magazine so difficult.’

stated on the 25th that they decided to reprint the March edition and will begin distributing them to stores around the nation on the 29th.

Tohoshinki, succeeds with CDs as well as magazines

TVXQ also celebrated another title as Number One on the Oricon Single Chart with their new single that was released on the 27th.

The 29th single is not only the title song for NHK drama (every Thursday at 8pm) that began on January 7th, it also sold 169,842 copies on the first day and demonstrated a clear margin between it and the second place single by Japanese rock group L’Arc-en-Ciel that sold 33,051 copies.
On the 22nd of January, was labeled as the ‘most anticipated new single album’ on Oricon’s survey before its release.

TVXQ is awaiting the release of their first best album on February 17th and many are interested to see whether TVXQ will be able to carry their ’sold out streak.’

Source: asiae+DNBN

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