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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[K-Drama]Natural Chemistry in Pasta

A fresh new offering from MBC is a food themed kdrama entitled Pasta. With this production taking over blockbuster saguek drama, Queen Seonduk… there is alot of expectations to fare well in the Monday-tuesday nigth ratings. The story revolves the trials and tribulations experienced by Seo Yookyung (played with bubbly effervencence by actress Gong Hyojin) as she starts from lower rank of chefs at La Sfera, an italian restaurant.
Just as she is promoted to assistant pasta chef position she meets the caustic executive chef Choi Hyun Wook (Lee Seon Gyun) who despises having female chefs in his kitchen. Both are drawn to each other, but Hyun Wook is a force to be reckoned with. He is strict upon seperating his personal and professional life… and while he asks Yookyung if she’d like to date him… he equally reprimands her within the walls of La Sfera’s busy kitchen.
The story is nothing revolutionary, a kind hearted spunky female who ends up melting the icy heart of the male lead. Its a plot that is quite common in korean dramas, but what is most endearing about Pasta is the natural chemistry between the two leads.
Lee Seon Gyun, who has an acting resume that is filled with hunam (guys who are kind and warm) characters does a complete 360 here, his Hyun Wook is a loud, criticizing executive chef who expects perfection from his employees. He is a brilliant, and thinks that women have no place in the restaurant kitchen because of his past experience when he was still training in Italy. His interactions with Gong Hyojin’s Yookyung could feel overaught but the two amazingly holds well with their back and forth banter within the first episode of the series. The goldfish scene in the pilot episode is a prime example, and a joy to watch for any kdrama enthusiast out there.

The verdict?
Try a forkful of Pasta for its sweet chemistry.
Credit: Pasta at Soompi

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