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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[k-news]G-Dragon disappointed with the thought of Idol Group

G-Dragon (Real Name: Kwon Ji Yong – 23) along with Taeyang (Real Name: Dong Young Bae – 23) as YG trainees dreamed of being a hip-hop duo. While training, they imagined of making that group.
Around the second year of high school, I think. There was talk about creating this group called “Big Bang“. I signed and trained on thinking I was going to be a solo artist, with collaborations with Taeyang, but then I hear talk of “Big Bang” being an idol group. At the time, there was a slight prejudice of “idol” groups so I was thinking ‘from a company who focuses on hip hop, what is this talk of idols‘.”
It was a huge shock for G-Dragon who wanted to debut “YG Family style” but instead was put into an idol group.
I didn’t want to dance the same things as others. I thought, I wanted to dance a choreography that was my own. Although now I don’t have such prejudices of idol groups, back then along with Taeyang we thought, ‘We patiently worked this long so far, this isn’t what we wanted.’ I didn’t even like the thought of the same wardrobes, same dances. There were thoughts like ‘Should I just leave for another company’ or ‘is this the path we were meant for’ during that time.
After talks of creating “Big Bang” started, the first member that came along was TOP (Real name: Choi Seung Hyun – 24) which was in large part because of G-dragon.
TOP-hyung was originally my friend. He was my neighborhood friend from middle school. He was a friend that I danced and rapped with but when I moved we became distant but I contacted him again. TOP said during that time, ‘This is so good, this is my dream’. We created a demo CD together for him. He made it and mailed it to YG. That was one of many times we repeatedly made tapes for YG where YG then asked to see TOP.
However, at the time with TOP’s chubby demeanor YG judged him to not fit the “idol” image so he was rejected. However six months later, TOP came back with a different image
Korean source: asiae.co.kr — Translated by: cityscripts @ omona_prection

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