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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[NEWS] Big Bang as newest model for BSX

BIGBANG unveils the relaxed natural charm through candid camera in the recent clothing brand advertising.

BSX young casual apparel has selected BIGBANG as the latest model to feature in the pictorial catalogue with the “Backstage Reality” concept.

It’s where you can see BIGBANG in their outfit while taking a break and relaxing in the dressing room and thanks to the full ads pictorial that it is a great flashback to their recent concert (2010 BIGSHOW).The CF shoot location as seen on TV also carries this concept. BIGBANG’s face was painted in the extremely bright graffiti and has transformed themselves into a bunch of lively powered-up dancers in a tube station. It is a parody of a scene in “Step Up 2” with a powerful outstanding performance by each group member.

The natural concept of the set caused a wild laughter from the staff at the backdoor as G-Dragon made fun of his face by trying to stretch it. The other group members are also showing their unique adorable charisma and charm through the apparel.

BIGBANG represents BSX’s image as the young, lively guys with the preppy and college students look in the pictorial. BSX official said to reveal the satisfaction to work with BIGBANG that

“BSX expects to make this BIGBANG ads shoot to lead the young casual wear market.”

Source: sportsseoul
Credit: teambigbang.blogspot.com + dkp

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