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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

!Idols Transform Into Fashion-Dols?

2PM’s Taecyeon, T-ara’s EunJung, and the Wonder Girls have been garnering interest by becoming “fashion-dols”, or idols with unique fashion. They have been showing the public new styles that are different from what fans are used to seeing.
2PM’s beastly rapper Taecyeon is one of these “fashion-dols” as he recently showed off a manly style on music programs. His black-toned outfit attracted lots of interest from the public as it displayed Taecyeon’s fit body and emphasized his beastly side.
However, in Cinderella’s Sister, Taecyeon plays a pure and innocent character who wears casual clothes like hooded cardigans. This apparel gives off a more youthful vibe, deeply contrasting the masculine appearance of Taecyeon on music shows.
T-ara’s Eunjung is another “fashion-dol”. Through T-ara’s repackaged album and their new song I Go Crazy Because of You, Eunjung defined sexy with her yellow and black stage outfit.
In her recent drama, Coffee House, Eunjung wears t-shirts with cute graphics printed on them, layered with a cardigan. Her character’s style gives off a boyish yet casual look.
Last but not least, the Wonder Girls have also been labeled as “fashion-dols”. The group recently returned to Korea with their newest single, 2 Different Tears. Unlike their Nobody outfits, the girls came back with a new funky, retro, 80s style, called “denim fashion”. Yubin and Sohee helped come up with the concept.
During their appearances on variety shows, the Wonder Girls revealed their everyday outfits. The members sported hot pants with matching leggings, demonstrating a very casual and comfortable style.
Source: Lee SooYeon @ Newsen.com
Translation: ch0sshi @ Kpoplive.com

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