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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

!Show Luo: Starlit Warrior takes the stage; Thanks parents for raising him

[Caption: All suited up, Show Lo in a star-studded outfit of black and white, Starlit Warrior, takes the stage.]

The first of the 3 consecutive concerts for the "2010 Show Lo Wu Fa Wu Tian World Tour" at the Coliseum had taken place last night. Spending $15 Million HKD for stage effects, giving the audience of the Coliseum their first of AS-3D, and on top of that Show performed countless dances, each performance as spectacular as the last, heating up the entire crowd!

While Show was doing a pre-concert ritual, he had covered his head in a hoodie. The fans that were there all screamed, "Husband, Wishing You a Successful Concert!" But Show didn't seem to make too big of a response at the time, but greeted his fans in private later. When 8:30 PM came around, it had turned out that he had some purple in his hair, so he was saving that show it during the concert. His guest for the night was Stefanie Sun, and a boss Pang Wei Ren brought his lady companion to support the concert, and to avoid media cameras, Chen Hui Hong sat between the two .

They started out with a 3D display, and Show took the stage as the Starlit Warrior his in black and white outfit. Show sang and danced, and waved a lit sword, very eye-catching. After singing 2 songs, he took of his jacket and was left with a black vest. He then hopped onto a big windmill, buckled in and flew into mid air to sing, but the more Show sang, the braver he got. After being suspended about 3 stories off the floor, he unbuckled the safety belt, and neither side had any barricades, extremely dangerous, however Show was extremely calm, even when he showed signs of "nipping" he didn't even notice.

Meeting a Setback - Laughs it Off

Show made deep confessions to his fans, he said, "Often times, people would ask me, why is that to be an artist, you're not afraid of the work no matter how hard it may be? That's basically asking me, 'What family are you from?' Everyone knows that I was born into a performing family, ever since I was little, I'd go to lots of performances with Mom and Dad, so ever since I was little I didn't aspire to be a scientist, but actually to be like my parents, to be on stage and bring everyone entertainment and happiness, using the strength of my life, to be a successful artist." After that was said, fans screamed in approval and support. Show continued, "So this naive enthusiasm made me, of the 15 years I've been in showbiz, not feel hurt when I fell, and when met with setbacks, I'd just laugh it off. This is my second time holding a world tour, perhaps this to great/mighty artists out there isn't really any sort of accomplishment, but for a fool who's dream, ever since he was little, was to have a stage of his own, this was a sacrifice I willing made in exchange for it, I was the one that was willing to use my life in exchange for this tiny, tiny world. So right now, to me, being able to get on stage and perform is the best way to prove myself, that Show Lo can also live vividly and impressively!"

Show continued to thank his mom and dad, especially how a long time ago, his dad taught him, not to be shy and bravely show yourself for an audience to see. That year, Dad taught him how to be a successful artist.

Source: Wei Po
Translated by: o_ost1nao_o @ LOVE 4 SHOW

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