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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[INFO] 100621 Jay has best fans in the world @jaybumaom

CREDITS: youtube.com/jayparkaom

i'm willing to bet with anyone that i have the best fans in the world thank you guys~당신들은쵝5입니다 ^ㅠ^
(9 hours ago)

Awww Jay, I bet with anyone that we have the best idol in the world!

Other fandoms have to beg to their idols to show them a little tiny bit if love...
While Jaywalkers don't even need to ask because Jay always fill us with love and sweet messages everyday!

Jay, your fans are the luckiest fans in the world!
I'm proud to be a Jaywalker! ^^

CREDITS: twitter.com/jaybumaom
happy fathers day !!!!
(about 9 hours ago via web)
(2:25 AM Jun 20th via web)
# drunken tiger feel ghood muzik- the 8the wonder album = FIRE
(5:53 PM Jun 18th via web)
# 매이맬이걍감사하다고만튀잇하고싶네요~
(5:50 PM Jun 18th via web)
Translation (by 2oneday): Every day, I just want to tweet that I'm thankful~

Yoon Mi Rae (Tasha) (Korean R&B singer and Drunken Tiger's wife) retweeted Jay's message (the one he wrote about Drunken Tiger's album): Link
Drunken Tiger (famous rapper in Korea) posted a message on the 19th which I believe seems to be for Jay (I might be wrong, but considering the many messages of support Drunken Tiger wrote for Jay since last year, I wouldn't be surprised it it was true that it was really meant to Jay): Link

6PM's fans, welcome to 2PM's fandom, but before you start bashing Hottests, learn the reasons why they're mad and disapointed at the boys they love so much. It's easy to call Hottests antis when you're being a clueless blind fan, but remember that Hottests have been supporting all the boys since they were unpopular rookies, during a time you probably didn't even cared about 2PM. Hottests don't hate the boys, but they have the right to be disapointed after all the time & love they invested on them. So if you want to support the boys, that's cool, but you have to know all about them so that you don't get disapointed in the future and don't have to hear people saying to you: "i told you!". Anyway, as much as you love the 6 boys, DON'T believe and DON'T support JYPE because they do not respect the fans. Being on JYPE's side is being on the enemy's side and it's giving them the opportunity to do with the 6 boys you love the same thing they did with KyeSang, HyunAh, SunMi and Jaebum.

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