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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

[INFO] 100622 Junsu's music choices and thoughts of 2PM's future on rainy days

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Group 2PM's lead vocal, Junsu
Music you must listen to on rainy days
2PM's lead vocal, nicknamed as a 'beastly idol' and receiving much love.
Let's meet the music that he recommends.

- Junsu's 'Music you must listen to on rainy days'

If Big Bang is the talented group that destroyed the concept of idol groups only singing whatever the agency throws at them, 2PM is mysterious group that has straight out rejected the norm of idol promotions. In an industry where image determines their worth, 2PM did not hesitate as they showed the less appealing sides of them on variety programs but still managed to hold the hearts of women in their hands as they displayed extravagant performances with chiseled bodies and energetic choreographies.

While many idol groups have been coming forward and all attempting to bring out their own uniqueness through a nickname, 2PM became the original 'beastly idols.'

Junsu's in charge of 2PM's vocal talent and the musical aspect of the group. In 2004, he took #1 at a JYP Entertainment audition and became a trainee, later finding himself as a member of 2PM due to his sturdy vocal talent. He became the center color for the group's voice and began to learn how to compose in his spare time, becoming a motivation for music studies to his team friends.

During elementary school, Junsu visited his relatives on vacation to Singapore and listened to the Carpenter's 'Yesterday Once More' and fell in love. After becoming a high school student, he broadened his library by watching the performances of Dionne Warrick, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, and Stevie Wonder's 'That's What Friends Are For.' He began to dream of becoming a singer and sang R. Kelly's 'I Believe I Can Fly' at a community service event, surprising his fellow classmates. After winning awards at many small and big music events, he began to step foot into the path of becoming a singer. While teenagers his age enjoyed listening to rock, Junsu liked neo soul.

"I'm glad that 2PM was able to reach this level in the Korean music industry. But with that comes a lot more thoughts. I sometimes wonder what kind of existence I am in 2PM. I don't think I've shown everything I've wanted to show since I first started music at a young age.

Junsu said that he usually likes rainy days. Looking out the window into the rainy scene while listening to neo soul heightens his music sensitivity.

"In high school, there once was a time where I rode my bike in the rain at Nami island. The feeling of freshness as I felt the fierce rain drops fall on me, or when I sat in a hut in the forest and looked out into the rain drops falling between the trees... I naturally remember such memories whenever it rains, and a few songs, too."

Junsu's first album choice : SWV [ Release Some Tension ]
Tracks: Rain, Can We

Junsu's second album choice : D'Angelo [ Voodoo ]
Tracks: Feel Like Makin' Love, Untitled (How Does It Feel)

Junsu's third album choice : Robin Thicke [ The Evolution of Robin Thicke ]
Tracks: Lost Without U, Teach U a Lesson

Junsu's fourth album choice : Lalah Hathaway [ Self Portrait ]
Tracks: That Was Then, Let Go

Junsu's fifth album choice : Musiq Soulchild [ Ajiuswanaseing ]
Tracks: Mary Go Round, Musiq Soulchild

- The singer that wants to warm the hearts of people, Junsu

With Jaebum's withdrawal last year, 2PM received backlash from their fans and went through a rough time. Junsu explained that he thought the more popular 2PM got, the more rumors and misunderstandings occurred as a penalty of their popularity which is why he is always careful with his words and actions. However, he hasn't forgotten that he must always be honest in front of his fans either.

"2PM had controversies....... I think we're a hot group. A group that will continue to be hot. I want to be a group that makes the hearts of people hot."

2PM is currently on break and nothing has been confirmed regarding an album release in the 2nd half of the year. 2PM will be holding a concert on July 31st and August 1st for the first time. The members have their own individual activities with Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Nichkhun actively appearing in broadcasts. Junsu himself is actually taking the time to study music composition while advancing himself musically. In a fan meeting last September, Junsu had revealed a bit of a song he was working on titled 'Hot' and is continuing to fine tune his skills as a producer.

"If I were to release a solo album, I would like to use neo soul as the background and release music that has a melody line fit to Korean sentiments."

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