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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

!Promises to Return to Hong Kong for a Concerts ; Show Lo Kisses Stage Goodbye

[caption: Show Lo kisses the stage , Reluctance to leave the Coliseum Stage]

[caption : Show Lo sings together in unison with audience]

[caption : Show Lo takes picture with fans, causing a roar in the audience]

[caption : Gestures to Tease Fans]

Taiwan's Dance King Show Lo held 3 consecutive nights of concerts at the Coliseum for his "Show Lo Wu Fa Wu Tian 3D Show World Live Tour." The curtains were draw a couple nights ago, and the venue was jam packed. Show saw how excitedly the fans had responded, he was so touched that he was near tears twice. Then during a unison sing with the audience, he promised his fans that he'd be back with Part 2, and the fans went wild.

Show was on stage, very deep in expression, sharing with his fans, "Ever since the trough of my career, I always had you guys supporting me, encouraging me. I truly cherish you all and love you all, and I'll never leave the stage, until the day I leave this world." After these words, tears welled up in Show's eyes, even the fans in the audience couldn't help but start crying. Then Show got down and kissed the stage floor, showing his reluctance to part with the stage. Show, who has always been filial, didn't forget to thank his parents saying, "I'm really thankful for my mom who was here to support me from the first concert through the third, and for telling me everyday, 'Keep it up! You're really good, you're an international superstar!'"

Show did a tribute to dancing/singing female sensations, and a part of that was where he danced to his good friend Jolin Tsai's "Wu Niang." When he was dancing, he made a gesture of propping up his chest, "Jolin's got a D-cup, I also have 3-D, I can't understand why people keep focusing below the waist?" Afterward, Show was asked whether he was afraid Jolin would get mad about the gesture he made. Show laughed and said, "Jolin hasn't seen it yet, but the newspapers in Hong Kong always use her body as a subject, I was just playing around.

Takes Jacket Off to Coax Fans

The final concert ended at 11:15 PM, Show came out for 2 encores. The two nights before, fans just didn't want to leave, after the second encore, he told his fans that after this last song, everyone has to obediently leave, the fans in the audience all screamed in disagreement. Then Show said, "Do you guys want me to come back for more concerts?.... So I have to abide by the venue's rules." The fans then all screamed for his to take off his jacket, Show actually made a comprise of exchange with fans. After he took off his jacket, his fans were still reluctant to leave. Finally he Show sang one final song, he said, "Hurry and go home, you guys!"

Translated by: o_ost1nao_o @ LOVE 4 SHOW
Source: SingPao

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