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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sweetheart -Mira's Diary updated-Vol.1

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Feel in the music~

have u feel that u have lost control in someday. feel like u r not in this world anymore even ur body still can move n ur mouth still can said something n u still can breathing~Im gonna to tell u guys about my probs. there r many thing were happened to me these days. i cant forget about what had happened to me so i will write everything what's i have feel these days in this entry.. My relation with my dad not going well. i alway have cat-fight with him but sometime we r not cat-fight but really fight.. bcoz i can't stand anymore after what he have say to me.u know what.. the point is.. he say.. i am not a good doughter for him n this family* n just now he has say that's i am ' xxxXxXxXxXxXxxxx'.. what r u going to feel when u hear that word's which come out from ur own daddy mouth? u going to be hurt right? believe me.. bcoz i feel it's now.. totally hurt u know. feel like im dying! nobody care about what i feel n i just can tell that's in this blog.. btw, this is my personal but i dont care about that. what i know is i want to tell u guys about this. i want all of u know about this.In this morning  when wake up i have heard something bad about myself that come out from my dad mouth. he say something that i hate so much and he also angry with me after i have did a mistake n until now he not forgive me~ i hate when this thing become like this~ become more complicated.. somebody help~~ i need a motivation!

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