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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

!Taeyang Star Diary Part VII: “I Really Want A Girlfriend This Year!”

News just in ladies! Taeyang is single… and looking! ;)
With a shy personality, Taeyang (23, Real name: Dong Young Bae) has honestly never really dated anyone.
“I really want a meet a girlfriend this year. I feel like if I get older, I won’t be able to date.”
Taeyang knows a couple that he envies a lot, and that is Sean and Jung Hye Young [Sean is one half of the hip-hop due JinuSean, who are also under YG Entertainment]. He says when he sees Sean living happily he thinks, “I should live that way too.”
“I think it was about 3 months ago. I went to Sean hyung’s house because he said he would make dinner for me. I was eating and when I saw Hye Young nuna with HaEum, HaRang, and HaYul, I felt so many things.”
What he saw was the result of a happy home. It was a happy that made you feel happy even by seeing it.
Taeyang however, is a man weak to dates. He loses his timing by debating and thinking things similar to, “What if it doesn’t work out?” and “Won’t it be a burden?” even if he likes someone.
“I had my first love when I was in school. But I thought I wouldn’t be a help to that person so we didn’t start well. Now that I think about it, we could have done well…”
He hesitated again and again because he thought he would be in the way of his first love, who was busy studying hard.
“She was studying to go to a high school that was specialising in foreign languages. She studied a lot, and I saw that she was trapped in making the decision of either meeting me or not during that important time.”
Seeing her work hard, he stepped back to help her. After that, Taeyang also hadn’t dated due to him having to attend hard practice and busy activities.
Taeyang has the personality where when he focuses on one thing, he falls into it completely, but he is also very cautious and serious, which turns out to be an obstacle in terms of dating.
“You can meet someone comfortably. But why doesn’t that work for me?”
Source: Asiae.co.kr//Originally translated by KBites.com

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