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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kim Tae Woo & Son Ho Young’s North American tour snags big name sponsors

Good news for both American and Canadian Kim Tae Woo and Son Ho Young fans.
Two big name American companies, Verizon Wireless and Hyatt Hotel, recently signed on to be the main sponsors of, g.o.d. alumni, Kim Tae Woo and Son Ho Young’s North American tour, titled “the First Concert” tour.
If you didn’t know already, Kpop veterans Kim Tae Woo and Son Ho Young are participating in a small three city North American tour that starts in Chicago, IL on the 12th of February.  After the Chicago concert, they’ll head west to Seattle, WA to perform two shows on the 19th and 20th.  Then lastly, they’ll take a small jaunt up north, across the border to Vancouver, B.C., Canada to give two more shows on the 26th and 27th.
When asked why they were sponsoring “the First Concert” tour, a representative from Verizon Wireless explained that this tour is a great opportunity for them to show other big American businesses that there is a growing market for Korean entertainers in North America.  The representative went on to say that they’re working hard to make this tour an unforgettable one for fans.
Bring it back to the old school for Kyopos, Kim Tae Woo is one of my favorite singers, so a concert with just him would be good enough for me.  However, add Son Ho Young to the mix and you have yourself a show that’s not to be missed.  Hopefully this tour will be a major success and bring more big name American companies knocking on Kpop star’s doors, allowing them to do more concert tours in North America.

source: Allkpop

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