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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

UEE receives a phone call from Rain and dances sexily on Strong Heart

Last week we showed you the preview of Rain / Bi’s conversation with After School member UEE on Strong Heart. Well, the highly anticipated episode of Strong Heart aired today and it was great.
Last month, UEE revealed on KBS Champagne that her ideal man was Rain. Knowing this, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon hooked it up and called Rain for her. UEE didn’t want to get the phone at first but she relented and took the phone to speak with Rain. They formally greeted each other and Rain stated that he wanted to see UEE, and that she was pretty and sings very well. UEE asks Rain if he knows any of their songs and he says he knows Diva. He congratulates her on their success and wishes them a lot of success in the future. UEE then asks Rain to sing for her because “she’s a big fan” to which Rain replies, “The next time I meet you, I’ll sing for you in person.”

As you can see during the whole conversation, UEE is very nervous and almost tears up at one point. It’s pretty funny seeing a famous celebrity act like a fan girl like this.
Here’s a bonus clip of UEE dances sexily to Abracadabra, Mister, and La Chata:

source: Allkpop

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