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Thursday, February 11, 2010

![News] CNBLUE CONCERT - 300 People in 30 minutes

Today at 3pm, CNBLUE who has bee gaining popularity with their debut song from their 1st Minialbum opened a surprise concert at Hongdae.

The concert was prepared without any prior announcements, and just a few minutes into the program, over 300 people began to crowd around showing the band's popularity. Even passer-bys who did not yet know CNBLUE were drawn in by the music and stopped to listen.
Songs from both their debut album and pre-debut songs were performed live by CNBLUE, who showed confidence as they interacted with the audience. They were able to successfully demonstrate the skills they learned while in Japan. Moreover, near the end of the concert the audience called for an encore. Gaining strength from this, they performed "I'm A Loner" once more.

CNBLUE member were unable to disguise their excitement as they commented, "Even thought it was a short 30-minute concert, it reminded us of the time we spent in Japan, so we had a lot of fun. We want to do these kinds of concert often, and hopefully the people who learned of us today will continue to remember us."

Today's (the 4th) guerrilla concert was planned and produced by CNBLUE members themselves for a cable show. This particular concert was planned by CNBLUE member Lee Jong Hyun. Future guerrilla concerts planned by the other members are in the making.

(NB: This is a report that was written the day that CNBLUE had their surprise concert which was the 4th of February. I thought I'd post it to cheer everyone up)

[Credit: paperwings09@cnblue-sky.net][Lee Seul Ki Reporter @ Review Star.Net] 

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