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Sunday, February 7, 2010

[news] Malay epop interview with CN Blue Yong Hwa

Epop: Before shooting starts, do you have any idea towards acting?

Yong Hwa: I never attend any class but I’m really interested in acting. I felt happy and lucky because I get the chance.

Epop: How does your feeling towards other A.N Jell member?

Yong Hwa: There’s no difference about Hong Gi when I watch him on TV (You’re Beautiful Drama) but after I get to know Geun Seuk, I realized he isn’t pessimistic or quiet person. He actually a very cheerfull person and active! Besides that, I also thought Park Shin Hye is the person that has woman personality, but I was wrong. Maybe she get influenced with ‘Go Mi Nam’, that’s why she changed, ha ha!

Epop: So what do you think of your first acting?

Yong Hwa: Ha ha, I think I still need to improve. When the first time the shooting starts, I really don’t know what I should do. Lucky other actors are willing to teach me. And I’m getting better day by day, at least I don’t feel panic.

Epop: You get attention by a lot of fans although this is your first time acting. Do you feel it?

Yong Hwa: Actually I don’t feel it when I was still shooting. But I always check my name and news through internet every day. Until I found out there’s a lot of hot topics discussed by fans, then I have that feeling, ha ha! Although my performance isn’t that perfect, but fans still supporting me, I really want to thank to all of them.

Credit: malay epop magazine #5 Issue + marshmallow10v3r @ cnblue – sky.net

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  1. je0ng ye0ng hwa ne0n daebak!!!!
    C.N.Blue saranghaey0


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