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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

!News:Another controversy for C.N.Blue

Already accused of plagiarism for their mini-ablum, C.N.Blue is struck with another violent controversy.  This time a video of a man, assumed to be C.N.Blue’s manager, showed him as he struck a fan on the back of her head, violently. This video has many netizens harshly criticizing the conduct of their manager.  FNC Music, C.N.Blue’s management company quickly responded,

“C.N.Blue were on their way to the KBS building for rehearsals on the 11th, until fans that were way too many quickly surrounded the van. Even with the help of security guards, the fans weren’t leaving. The boys decided to help, but this caused a fan to almost trip and grab Jong Hyun’s hoodie, causing the manager to violently hit them. Our entire staff apologizes to fans about what had taken place; the manager has been given appropriate punishment and nothing like this will ever happen again.”
Jong Hyun was seen smiled sheepishly to the crowd as he almost tripped but, did not see the manager hitting the girl. This caused a bit of suspicion because netizens thought he was smiling regardless the incident.

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