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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

![TRANS] 100210 Survey for Tohoshinki's Fans' Attitude


Survey for Tohoshinki’s Fans’ Attitude
What is the most charming point for Tohoshinki?
"Teamwork" and "Vocal ability" are the main two points.

HMV has asked the following questions to approx. 3,800 customers.
<Name of the research> Survey for Tohoshinki’s Fans’ Attitude
<Period of the research> 19.01.2010 - 20.01.2010
Target: HMV users (men and women), 3,846 people (HMV online and HMV mobile)

Sex ratio
Female 98%
Male 2%

Age ratio
10-20 years 4.8%
20-30 years 22.3%
30-40 years 26.4%
40-50 years 27.1%
50 ~ years 19.4%

Q1) Since when were you a fan of Tohoshinki?
Since Korean debut 7%
Since Japanese debut 12%
for three years 21%
for two years 29%
less than one year 31%

Q2) What is the most fascinating point about Tohoshinki?
Good looking 1%
Vocal ability 34%
Dance performance 8%
Teamwork 37%
Member's personality 16%
High quality songs 4%

Q3) How did you get to know Tohoshinki?
TV 60%
Magazine 2%
Internet 6%
in town 1%
CD shop 4%
from a friend 19%
other 8%

Q4) Where do you get information on Tohoshinki?
TV 15%
Magazine 14%
Internet 39%
in town 1%
CD shop 9%
from friends 17%
other 5%

Q5) How long do you spend (your time) for Tohoshinki per day?
less than 1 hour 26%
2-3 hours 49%
4-6 hours 17%
7-9 hours 3%
more than 10 hours 5%

Q6) Did you travel to Korea after you became a fan of Tohoshinki?
No 72%
1-3 times 22%
4-5 times 3%
6-10 times 2%
more 1%

Q7) Do you listen to other Korean artists beside Tohoshinki?
Yes 76%
No 24%

Q8) What influences your life the same level as Tohoshinki?
Music 24%
Korean culture 11.7%
Family 7.3%
Food/Gourmet 3.5%
Friends 3.2%

Q9) Beside Tohoshinki, which other artists do you observe?
1. BigBang
2. none
4. SS501
5. SHINee

Ranking for goods purchased through HMV

Tohoshinki item ranking (According to the number of items sold)
1. 4th Live Tour 2009 - The Secret Code DVD
2. The Secret Code CD+DVD
3. 3rd Live Tour "T" (DVD)
4. Best Selection 2010 2CD+DVD
5. "T" (A) + DVD
6. Five in the Black CD+DVD
7. All about Tohoshinki Season 3 (Box)
8. Heart Mind and Soul CD+DVD
9. History in Japan Vol.4
10. History in Japan Vol.3

Tohoshinki goods ranking (According to the number of items sold)
1. Please be mine - All About Tohoshinki Season 3 Photobook
2. Tohoshinki Tomorrow 000777 days Photobook
3. Calender 2010
4. Shine Photobook
5. Mousepad (round)
6. Clearfile 5C Jaejoong/HERO
7. Clearfile 5C Yoochun/Micky
8. Strap A 5C Jaejoong/HERO
9. Calender 2009
10. Strap A 5C Micky



(T/N: left row, from top)
I do not care where you are. Please continue to sing songs. (Female, 39 years old)

I received power listening to Tohoshinki’s songs everyday. I will always be your fan, so please do your best. (F, 30)

I believe in the shining future of the 5 members, and will support you until the end! (F, 22)

Maybe the timing is not right now, but I want the 5 to sing together again. And, whatever will come out, I will support you. (F, 42)

Same as up to today! I will always be a fan, and support you! (F, 46)

I am hearing your songs everyday! I love you all, and will always support you. I will wait until the day when I can see the 5 members in their full smiles. (F, 25)

I’ll always be waiting for you! Until the date when your lovely smiles come back, forever! (F, 35)

You’re cool, have wonderful vocal skills, and perfect in dancing! All the members are attached to each other as brothers, this is the first time in my life that I have devoted myself to an artist like this☆ Whatever happens, I will love Tohoshinki☆

(T/N: comment in the very bottom)
My light! My life changed after I met Tohoshinki^^ I love them!!!(F, 19)

(T/N: middle row)
I love you. I believe in you. I’ll support you forever, so please do not give up! I care for only you, Tohoshinki. (F, 17)

I’m waiting for the lovely harmony and the members’ smiles♪ (F, 29)

Thank you for giving us powers. I will continue to support you. (F, 27)

Tohoshinki’s vocals are our treasures. (F, 48)

(T/N: right row)
I will look forward to the lovely songs given to us by “the 5 members”.

Always keep the faith. Smile and be happy. (F, 21)

I’m waiting!!! (F, 19)

I’ve never been devoted so much to anything else. They are the center of my mother’s and my life! I love all 5 of them! (F, 24)

Please eat properly, and take your rest. I will be waiting for you forever, it’s all right! (F, 45)

I can only quietly follow you, but I am always praying for the 5 members’ happiness! Hang in. (F, 32)

I am really glad that I met Tohoshinki. Please charm all of us in the future, too. I look forward to the smiles, and the day I can hear your lovely harmony once again. (F, 59)

We talk about Tohoshinki everyday in school. I’ll always support you, so please do your best!!(F, 19)

My daily life is full of happiness after I met Tohoshinki. I am happy that I met them. Please treasure the bonds of the members, and do your best taking care of yourselves. I love you.(F, 20)

Translation: Taiyo & smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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