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Friday, February 12, 2010

![Translation] SHINee Interview in Chinese Magazine 100211

Onew greeted in Korean immediately when he saw the reporter and asked “Can’t you speak Korean?”. Onew suddenly laughed and when the staffs asked why he was laughing, he asked, “What did you just say?” During the interview, Onew handed out (ham-) burgers to the members. “This is your, that is yours, this is mine.” Onew said this with no facial expression, and just stared at the burger.

You’ve broadcasted in Chinese national program for the first time. How do you feel?
Taemin: After arriving at BookGyung, we arrived at JangSah again. We are all new in China. Except the casting at sm company last time, many people welcomed us at the program where we broadcasted for the first time. We only thought of showing you the better stage.
Minho: China is first to me too. When I got off the airplane, I felt good. Because fans were really welcoming us when we arrived. Also they had big expectations and waited for us. So I’m very happy.
Key: the things that the members have said just now were what I wanted to say. Also I want to say that the fans were really moving/powerful. We weren’t expecting it. We would like to put more effort and we want to return their expectations back.
Ideal Type?
Key: honestly, I don’t have one. Just, I hope that our characteristics will suit/match well.
Minho: matching characteristic is the best. And the pretty appearance.
Jonghyun: I’m satisfied if she’s sweet.
Taemin: pale skinned girl.
Onew: pretty girl with long hands/fingers.
If you were to choose a member as your girlfriend?
Onew: Key
Taemin: um..me too , Key
Jonghyun: um… me too
Minho: We all choose Key. Because, he likes shopping. He respects other person’s interests. Also, he is careful in many was in everyday. He considers other person’s personality. So that is why we chose him.
Minho was nervous before he wrote the last examination but he said that he rested early the day before so does not think the result will be bad.
Key talks about Girl groups choreographed dance movements, and was asked, “How many can you dance?”
Key: there’s no limit. If they show me once, I can do it. After learning, I’ll probably able to dance faster than others.
Taemin, are hyungs nice to you?
Taemin: they are all nice. I’ve been using one room with hyungs for a long time. Hyungs are all same for me. Like real brothers.
Key: Choose just one out of four!
Taemin: uh….uh… hyung whose the oldest (the manager).
You’ve come to JangSah for the first time, who do you feel?
Onew: before coming to JangSah, we landed at BookGyung. That airport was so clean. Since then i was feeling good.
Jonghyun: umum. Also, there were many fans who welcomed us. And the two cars were constantly following us. We really thank the fans.
How is your Chinese skill now?
SHINee: FrenchFry!!!!! (At that exact time, the manager brought the Frenchfry.)
After arriving at JangSag, what stock was the biggest impression to you?
Onew: the fireworks. The noise was really loud. I think it’s very powerful. Does everyone like having fireworks?
Taemin: the noise was loud. My ears were ringing. Ahah
Chinese to Korean- Minho Space’s Bo
Korean to English- jojo@weareshining.com
Credit: weareshining.com
Source: dss02158’s Naver blog

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