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Thursday, February 18, 2010

![News] 2PM Junho almost expelled from JYP

2PM JunHo reveals the incident where he was almost expelled from JYP Entertainment.
JunHo was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 16th February when he talked about the episode where he had won first place in the 1 to 6500 format SBS ‘Super Star Survival’ competition in 2006. It was also through the show where he got to know other members like TaecYeon and ChanSung etc.
After which he entered JYP as a trainee. JunHo said, “After entering the company I was training together with TaecYeon and ChanSung who were the first and 2nd to be to eliminated on the show. Back then because I won first prize at the show, many trainees avoided me. And Jo Kwon who was trained for 8 years heard my singing and commented ‘Chi, nothing special’.”

However, instead of a successful start, JunHo went for more tough times. Back then the trainees were separated into the tall members and short members groups – Im SeulOng, Ok TaecYeon and Hwang ChanSung in one team, JaeBum and Jo Kwon in another team to prepare for their singer debut. JunHo talked about his situation back then, “I was not able to go into any of the teams and was outcasted.” The situation got so bad that there were even talks about expelling him from the company.
JunHo passed the monthly test eventually but there was something else which was also helping him. It was his mother. His mother had called the company and said, “It is too much to cut someone off who has joined for less than a year. Just wait a while more and see.”
JunHo then did a thank you video message on the show to his mother, “Thank you for believing in me” and was seen tearing after that.
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