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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

![Cyworld] Everyone is asking Heechul to cut his hair including some members of SNSD

Heechul's Cyworld
Hanging a Korean flag
Today March 1st is Independence Movement Day, a holiday in Korea.

2010.03.01 17:14
Title : Hairstyle

Seeing my very long hair
These days 
Yoona held a scissors and said she will give me a self-cut hair

Seeing my very long hair
These days 
Sic1 said at this rate I will become a girl

Seeing my very long hair
These days 
Sonkyu2 asked whether I will grow my hair as long as my height

Seeing my very long hair
These days 
Donghae said I look like a beggar and yell at me to cut it

Seeing my very long hair
These days 
Jungmo said hyung is a really free person and told me to cut (my hair)

Seeing my very long hair
These days 
Soojung3 was about to cry and told me even if I cut my hair a bit I still look cool

Seeing my very long hair
These days 
Sulli only laughed hehehehe

Seeing my very long hair
These days 
the people from the company were like Heechul-ah your hair is a little too...saying those words to me

Seeing my very long hair
These days 
Petals are comforting each other that at least I dont grow beard
Nine people out of ten oppose my beggar hairstyle
But with my personality as long as I'm the only one who like it I will continue growng it

Because I'm Kim HeeChul

1 SNSD's Jessica
2 SNSD's Sunny
3 f(x)'s Krystal

2010.03.01 17:29
Title : 손 차 남

Being in the performance with TRAX

I supposed to play the drum but end up playing the piano

Me : Yah~ I want the drum the drum(+_+)

Jungmo : No way...it's OK that hyung can play the drum live but because of the synce so no way;;

Me : Why ?

Jungmo : Because we have to perform as a band but hyung will play the drum the way you like for sure;;

Me : It's right

Jungmo : Hyung;; we should perform together ㅎㅎ we should adjust each of us together to make a band~

Me : Uhm...it would be a big trouble if I were in a band ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

Jungmo : Yeahㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Me : Dont talking like that (peok! peok!)**

Because of this, I had ended up playing the piano

* 손차남 (son-cha-nam) 이 가운 자 - the cold-handed man
** the sound of Heechul hitting Jungmo

source : 김희철 cyworld
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
thanks Samara for the shout out

may take out with full credits and dont add in your own credits

Eeteuk's Cyworld

2010.03.01 월(2010.03.02 03:59)
..Trainee period..once dreamt of living such glamourous life..
..but now it seems like its time to have another dream..
..although (I'm) smiling like this everyday..although I'm noisy like this everyday..
..I want to know my future look..(I'm)still a bit worried..
..10 years..or maybe 5 years later..how would I look like..
..will those people that waves because of us still be around..
..will I be able to become that handsome husband of my dreams..or handsome father..
..a dream that I am not confident of..so scared..
..the elders always say.."you think living on is so easy.."
..this sentence..I seem to understand now..
..Now I seem to receive some energy..
..there is a lot of time to look at the sky..
..still need more training..have to become stronger..
..not because you have to be a strong person to be able to live,but your living self is already a strong person..
..the feelings during the trainee period....
..that lonely feeling..desolated feeling..appeared again not very long ago..
..once again, (I will) clench my teeth and continue running..hyu...............................

From 박정수 CY
From Korean to Chinese: E @ jsholic.com
From Chinese to English: τнє ғιяѕт тυпє ♪@ SJ-WORLD.NET
Thanks to AngelBunneh for the heads up!

In the ...Special... folder,

Title: ..this kind of lateral line
2010.02.27 06:03

..just want to see this kind of lateral line*..keke
*it means his side view

From 박정수 CY
From Korean to Chinese: E @ jsholic.com
From Chinese to English: τнє ғιяѕт тυпє ♪@ SJ-WORLD.NET
Thanks to vn_fans for the heads up!


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