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Thursday, March 4, 2010

![Info] Park Jaebum's Life!

Jaebum drank shikhye (TN – a sweet rice drink http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikhye) while his dongsaengs (Junsu Chansung Taecyeon Khun) drank beer on broadcast.

‘Six Pack’ Jaebum “In order to build my body I stay away from beer and smoking”
pink – “In order to build his body, he stayed away from beer, smoking, and even coffee. But now drugs? Kekekekeke Wow, Jaebum’s tub is pretty big (TN - .. a saying i think)
black – Then there must be things you don’t do in order to keep your body in shape? I don’t smoke or drink, don’t’ really like that kind of stuff. It’s also not good for your health. Beer tastes bad, and I don’t know about smoking cause I’ve never smoked before.
This kid that doesn’t drink or smoke,, what kind of immoral private life would he have?

When asked on Sang Sang Plus how he broke up with his ex-girlfriend whom he dated back in the States, he kept being embarrassed and repeated that he didn’t remember

Sang Sang Plus
Jaebum – Truthfully, I don’t think we’re at the top yet.
Kim Tae Woo – Jaebumah, if you pick, they’ll all come to you.
Jaebum – No, I just want to make money at the moment.
When Shin Junghwan asks Nichkhun who his ideal girl is, he replies Yoona
after that
Shin Junghwan – Jaebum, your ideal girl?
Jaebum – I don’t have one.
Jaebum – I want to send money to Seattle
I want my mom to go shopping and do things like that for her.
That is my dream right now.

June 14, 2005 – Xanga discussion with friend (translated version)
While I’ll be happy if I’m with my friends and people who think of me
I’m not going be able to make a lot of money,,
Then I can’t buy good things for my mom or pay for the bills,
I don’t know what to do,,

On Maybee’s Volume Up (radio show)
He said that he’s much happier now than when he was back in the States.

He’s been going to church with his mom, dad, and dongsaeng ever since he was really little.

Jaebum's pastor - (Jaebum) He’s a very gentle kid.
And he’s very respectful towards his parents
and he always had very good relationships with the people around him.

“I want to put everything down and give up and go back to America” did you ever have these thoughts?

Jaebum – I thought that every day for two months

Jaebum – I realized that I could do it if I tried my best and became strong.

He is someone that had those kinds of thoughts and garnered strength from them.
Even though he wanted to give up in Korea and go back to America, he is a kid that put that away and suffered for four years for his family.

You say that kind of person committed a huge, socially unacceptable mistake? And during his busiest period?

My heart hurts a lot, the words from news that are heard by a public who believes in the company’s word.
Jaebum’s relationship with a girl must be complicated, what did he do,,, that’s probably how people are thinking, no?

However… fans know well that Jaebum isn’t that type of person.

His talks of money on broadcast wasn’t for himself
but for his mother,, it was in order to buy her good things,,

Although he grew up in America bboying and rapping,,,

he’s a kid that’s never smoked, let alone can’t even drink,,

During Again and Again promotions, his schedule was full to the point he couldn’t even breathe right,
there was even a time he had 4 radio appearances in one day,, he really had a schedule that kept him busy with no breaks.
And he always spent time with his members and slept together in the same living quarters,, what kind of mistake did he commit that even his members didn’t know about it?

Jaebum’s wish… to devote everything to his mother..
Jaebum’s nickname… Conservative Bum (A nickname given by fans as they observed his conservative nature on broadcasts)
Jaebum’s humanity…. A polite, kind kid.

“A story even 'hotter' than the Olympic games has shaken the night of Seoul. What I want to say is, I have been watching them right by their side since last year, and as I got to know them, I really got to like them, and even now, I want to run to them. Just as human to human. To tell them to hang in there.”
“I know who you're talking about. And that's why I'm sad.”

The words written by SBS PD… even them…
(The acceptance of Jaebum’s humanity)

Jaebum who cried himself to sleep for two weeks every night because he couldn’t speak Korean and eat properly.

At a recording of Star King after receiving treatment..
The Jaebum you saw on TV this day seemed perfectly fine right?
The truth is that he was hurting like this in the back. While he’s a kid that doesn’t really express his pain, a kid that keeps his pain inside, how much could he have been hurting to show it like this.

While he was probably hungry because of his busy schedule, he is a leader that didn’t think to eat and first took care of his members.

And because of that, you think he only took care of his own members?

Jinwoon’s thanks to..
“Jaebum hyung who became so funny these days keke someone who’d actually come out and help on broadcast if asked to jokingly.. a really nice and cool hyung”

[Jokwon on the radio]
During their trainee days when they had no money, he said to Jaebum that he liked a certain pair of shoes. Jaebum who remembered that and bought him (Kwon) the shoes for his birthday and Jokwon who said that he remembers that gift the most.

While doing dangerous and tiring acrobatics, Jaebum who took glucosamine pills at only a young age of 23.

Because his cartilage kept ripping and he took the pills and couldn’t sleep because of back pain,,
he still lived smiling in order to make his members feel happy when they were down.

You guys just have to sit there right?
He always did this.

And because he likes dancing so much, because he continuously fell while doing acrobatics, just how much did he do in order to form calluses like these?

Even with such a purple bruise on his ankle, he never expressed any pain.

And this is his last appearance.

Jay who always respected people that were usually ignored.


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