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Thursday, March 25, 2010

![Info/Article] “Cunning, comical” “Brothers Were Brave” Practice Room

“I don’t like you~” “I don’t like you either hyung*~”

These lyrics unexpectedly flow out of a gentle folk song. The actors experienced in performing the cunning folk song, Lee Jihoon and Kim Jaeman. The troublemaker hyung and the A-lister younger brother, in the musical “Brothers Were Brave,” received their roles as Sukbong and Jubong and are diligent in practice.
This musical piece is about them meeting after a number of years due to the unexpected news of their father’s death; to make the incident comical, their father hid their inheritance, a lotto ticket, inside his house for them to find and since the premiere of the musical in 2008 has been constantly receiving love.
Though outside of rehearsal, familiar faces can be seen. The role of the younger brother Jubong which is played for the first time on the musical stage by SHINee’s Onew and TRAX’s Jay, intently watch their musical sunbaes** Lee Jihoon’s and Kim Jaeman’s practice.
Because the comic musical finds a way to gain popularity every year, it is important to open with sharply organized system of movements matching your partner’s movements.
The role of Sukbong is double casted with Hong Rokgi who was unable to participate in practice that day, while Kim Jaeman and the three Jubong’s are busy matching their movements instead.
On this day the actors were focused on practicing the audacious scene where the extremely annoyed brothers are trying to be the first one to find their father’s lotto that is hidden inside his house. The bickering scene whether they were searching in the living room or searching in the kitchen, the actors’ ad libs and Director Jang Yoojung make a more comical and better scene. Comparing among the musical actors, Lee Jihoon’s natural acting and Onew’s distinctive acting, Kim Jaeman’s sly, comical and Jay’s subtle, deep emotions, the atmosphere in the rehearsal room was shifted between a burst of laughter and seriousness.
Recently receiving recognition for the production for “Legally Blonde,” Jang Yoojung, the director’s orders for the actors are perceptive.
Idol singer Onew, with quick and light gestures, has to control his gestures, for Jay his acting is a bit more large and bold whenever demanded. We will have a chance to see a bit of their practice.

“Brothers Were Brave” Practice Room View

Onew, the one who can’t take his hand off the script; “This way I can learn it”
Actors concentrating on the director’s words
“We’re acting~”
SHINee’s Onew, “Now I feel like I’ve become Jubong”
With a pretty boy image and able to compel the noona fans, SHINee’s leader Onew is engaged at practice in between the “Brothers Were Brave” actor sunbaes. As the elite younger sibling in this play, to match the role of Jubong he obeys all the directions given to him by the other actors and Director Jang Yoojung. Even though he is the youngest at his first musical practice, he is not shy, always has a bright smile and even demonstrates his wit, this young man has a fire of anticipation for his first musical, more than concern, that cannot be put out.
It’s your first musical experience. How do you feel?
Ever since I was young I was curious about considering musicals.
When I made the musical casting, I really thought a lot about what I could show.
The fans are expecting and constantly expecting, I feel like I can show every little thing that couldn’t show until now. It feels good~
What is the effect on the SHINee members since you’re doing this musical?
They’re doing well, I guess (laugh)
Is that it? (laugh)
There are those that congratulate me a lot and there those that just told me to do well because they thought that I would feel uncomfortable.
Did you receive advice from Jessica, Yesung and Sungmin who appeared in musicals before?
Sungmin sunbae told me that delivering the lines was important. So that the seats from all the way in the back could hear. I heard that Jessica sunbae recommended me. She told me that if I had fun with it that it would help a lot. The other sunbaes still couldn’t meet me.
In practice you seem to be fully engaged. Though it must not be easy, while acting is there a very important part?
Though my personality can’t snap (get angry), Jubong’s role is really cool and a personality that snaps.
On that note, as I’ve been trying to get it right, lately I’ve been correcting my pronunciation point by point and really making an effort.
I used to slur my pronunciation a lot, now I feel like I’ve got the hang of it. As I practice I’ve become Jubong in many ways.
This is different than practicing as an artist, right?
First of all, I guess the movements are much alike. Because it’s promised to give points here,
there are a lot of these as I get in sync along with the actors, though it’s difficult to adjust parts, it’s fun.
There are a lot of actors that you practice with. Who is the actor with the most charismatic feel?
Whether it’s because of their character I don’t know, but I think Lee Jihoon sunbae is like that.
In the play he is impassive and is probably that way because he has acted cool so many times. Since being accepted I’ve learned a lot from him and it he really does give off the feeling of a teacher. (laugh)
Though this is your first musical challenge, it seems like there are other thing you want to do.
Ummm..I want to be a radio DJ, and I want to try and get a chance as an actor.
But for now as a singer I’ll show a charming image on stage like Choi Sun-il.
To the fans that are anticipating me I always thank and from now on if you cheer for me I would like it very much.
Something you want to say to the fans.
By all the fans I am able to be in the musical and able to stand on a great stage.
I am always very, very grateful and from now on if you cheer for me I would like that very much.

*hyung is the title used between guys in reference to the one older in age; often translated as ‘older brother’
**sunbae is the title referring to someone who is a senior in the field; in entertainment, sunbaes are those who debuted first
article source: shakizi
translate : joodit @ weareshining

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