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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

![News] 2PM fans demand, "Reveal the truth behind the 'jaebum, come back' situation"

[TV Daily = Lee Eunji Reporter] “Jaebum, come back” This situation has to be clarified…

The existence of 2PM is faltering due to the termination of Jaebum’s contract with JYPE. The majority of the fans demand, “The remaining members should stop all activities and terminate 2PM”. They strongly demand that the members who are currently involved in variety programs should leave the shows. But, amongst these fans’ opinions lies the voice of the minority fans.

One person who was revealed to be a 2PM fan said during a phone call with TVDaily, “Only Jaebum can clarify the situation,” and said that she wants Jaebum to speak his side of the story.

This fan said carefully, “Jaebum’s life is important, but so are the lives of the other members. It is regrettable that Jaebum has withdrawn from the team but it is somewhat selfish to block the other members’ activities because of it”.

Jaebum has terminated his contract with JYPE but the other members are still under JYPE. They are not in the position to NOT participate in their activities.

Also, “at this moment, whatever the company or members say will not lessen the fans’ rage and no one will believe them,” and, “it is the time for the person who is directly involved in the situation, Jaebum, to reveal his stance”.

But, this fan also stated, “the truth is, even though Jaebum comes out and reveals his stance, the fans are not going to believe it. They’re simply going to believe that he is speaking how the company told him to”.

Currently, the majority it 2PM’s fans either wish for them to stop all activities or quit their careers as celebrities. But, other fans criticize those for being selfish.

Source : TVDaily ; Lee Eunji Reporter
Credit : Dkpopnews
Translations : jme@2ONEDAY.COM

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