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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

![NEWS] Amerie's coming and 4minute's guesting!

[10.03.20] Amerie is coming and 4minute is guesting
Lately, popstar Amerie's Korean venue on March 22nd and her collaboration with 4minute became hot topics.

Starting from the 22, Amerie will stay for 4 nights and 5 days to promote her latest album 'In Love & War'. Her schedule includes appearances on broadcast channels and fanmeetings.
On the 25th, the MBC radio show Bae Cheolsu's Music Camp will cover her mini-concert and her fanmeeting held in Mnet Sangamdong Studio.
Last February, the singer released an exclusive collaboration with 4minute.
Amerie talked about her close relationship to the group's members in a recent interview stating : "4minute are really talented friends. 'Heard'Em All' showcases a balance between women's strong and sweet sides. The 5 [4minute] members just balanced it well (laughters)." The idol girlgroup will indeed guest 2 of her fanmeetings : the Kia Motor Show planned on the 23rd and the mini-concert on the 25th. It is left to know if there will be an actual performance of Heard'Em All.

Debuted in 2002, the singer and songwriter Amerie reached the 1st spot on Billboard Hip Hop/R&B chart and was nominated twice for the Grammy Awards. In particular, she caught the attention of the Korean audience, being half Korean and half Afro-American. In her MV for 'Why R U', she eventually showed her affection towards Korea by using name in hangeul '에무리' (Amuri)

Source : Kyungje Today + 4min official fancafe + Yeonhap News
Reporting & translating : Meeli@4-minute.com

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