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Saturday, March 27, 2010

![News] Articles related to Taecyeon's appearance on Happy Together 3

He wants to 2PM said Taecyeon Show Aegyo (cuteness) but of his Appearance Because He is Unable to do so.

On the 25th, on KBS-2TV 'Happy Together 3', the cast of the new Wednesday-Thursday Night Drama 'Cinderella Sister ', Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung, Seo Taecyeon Wo and appeared on the Show.

Taecyeon about Chun Jung Myung said "He looks clean-Cut", and confessed, "He looks as Good looking as an Italian Model. I thought He was Older than Me ".
Taecyeon He's Unexpected image revealed by Saying," When Things get awkward, to say sentence Fillers Taecyeon Likes Like "Hoijja, hoijja", and He Likes to do the crab also Dance ".

MC Jay Yoo Suk retaliated, "Taecyeon must have a lot of Aegyo", and Taecyeon replied "I Want to Show a lot of my Appearance Because of Aegyo but it's difficult".

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Gagman 2PM parodied Park Myung Soo's 'Heartbeat'.

On the 25th during KBS2TV 'Happy Together 3', Park Myung Soo prepared a Special 'Heartbeat' Opening for the Guests of the Show.

MC Jay Yoo Suk said, "To entertain Our Valuable Guests , Park Myung Soo prepared a Special Performance ", and came out with Park Myung Soo 2PM's Pigtail Hairstyle, and wore the 'Heartbeat' Costume.

Ignoring the restricted Dance Choreography of 'Heartbeat', the Panel stated 'we're embarrassed' From his Limp Moves.

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The 'Beastly Idol' 2PM's Taecyeon confessed to the reason why He has Only the 'Anger' image on Stage.

On the 25th during KBS 2TV 'Happy Together 3', He said that the Moment They debuted Park Jin Young said "You have to be anger no matter what ". During the recording of Again and Again, Park Jin Young said to him "The feel for Your Part of Your Anger must be".

Taecyeon followed on to say "But for the Follow up Song, 'I Hate You', He told Me to be angry "," this time I was told to be completely angry ". In the 'I Hate You' Song, the Anger was the target of a Girl who had left him, and had to reincarnate with Taecyeon Intense Anger and Express through rapping.

But during the Last Year 'Heartbeat' recording, Park Jin Young told him "Taecyeon I think you'd be good if you went for anger". Taecyeon said "In 'I Hate You' I expressed so much that during Anger 'Heartbeat' I was able to record Comfortably, and Park Jin Young liked it a lot".

In response to Taecyeon's Surprising Confession, the MCs Asked shown them to him an angry expression. Taecyeon showed the first angry concept from 'Again and Again', followed by a second gaze from 'I Hate You', and lastly, rather than a gaze he showed a rising of anger concept from 'Heartbeat'. In response to these gazes Park Mi Sun replied "You're heart will probably Burst in the Next Song" which everybody Laugh Made.

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