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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

![NEWS] Daesung, "Dating...how dare I judge by looks?"

With a friendly and cute image, Daesung seems like the kind of guy who would make his girl feel comfortable no matter what. We wonder if he has a hidden girlfriend.

”I haven’t had a girlfriend since coming into YG. The only people I meet are celebrities but none of them will approach me ㅠㅠ.”

He does have happy memories buried deep inside his heart, of course.

”In my childhood, I had a crush on my friend for 6 years and never confessed. I liked her from primary to the end of middle school. She was a friend in my class and I fell for her because she looked so pretty when she smiled. I went through a lot of heartache because I liked her but I could never tell her so.”
It was the type of cute puppy love everyone’s experienced at least once in their childhood.

”I never told anyone but one day my friend told me he liked her. So I just said ‘Oh yeah, she’s pretty’. But that friend asked me to help him get her to like him. It killed me inside but I helped him. When I think back at it, I don’t even know why.”

It was difficult for him to get over her even after seeing her together with his friend. Even when he ran into her a few years later, the same emotions resurfaced. But this was when she had another boyfriend.

”She said she got another boyfriend, and that this time it was an Oppa. [older guy] I definitely got over it after that.”

Though incredibly shy, during his high school days Daesung dated an older noona.

”Back when I attended music academy, I dated a noona who was a year older than me. We used to help each other and do music together but I got so busy once I entered the agency and started preparing for my debut so we broke up. I had lessons all day and couldn’t pick up the phone so it was hard for both of us and we broke up in the end.”

Having lost his first (difficultly found) girlfriend to a busy schedule, now at the age of 22 he says:

”I don’t even care about dating now. I would be happy to even have someone that I can just talk openly to. Other people tell me ‘it’s time you found yourself a girl’ but you know it’s not that easy to get a girlfriend just like that. (laughs)”

He said he likes girls who are pretty when they smile.

”I’ve always liked girls who are pretty when they smile. When I see that warm and snug side of them I go ‘Ah~!’ and I find myself falling for them. I would like if it were a person who's similar to me. Someone who works really hard and has self respect and pride. I hope it’s someone I can learn from, and who will learn from me. Looks...of all people, how could I judge by looks? (laughs)”

Original article
Translation by s.jayx@BBVIP.net

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