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Monday, March 8, 2010

![NEWS] A Message from the Chief Editor on Jay's departure!

 Jaebum's Situation Hurts My Heart

It happened last September. Like a horde of alligators attacking for food, Korea’s netizens ripped him to shreds. “Return to your country” and “Yankee go home” were some of the less harsh comments. Awful words such as “Suicide Petition” and “Amputation of all Four Limbs Petition” upended the internet all in one morning.

In four days, he returned to Seattle where his mother was. The name “Park Jaebum” became ingrained in my mind after I saw the video of his mother greet him at the airport through the internet.
When I saw the mother who most likely cried on the inside as she warmly hugged her son, who was locked in despair, it did not just feel like another person’s business.

After he left Korea, the atmosphere changed in an instant. It was discovered that his words that were at the root of the problem were actually mistranslated with bad intentions to slander him. After this, popular idol group 2PM’s leader Park Jaebum became more well-known by the day. After the third generation young Korean-American man was unjustly forced out of Korea, it looked as if his return to show business was certainly to be expected.

However on the 25th of February, the entertainment company unexpectedly announced Park Jaebum’s permanent withdrawal. The reason they gave was because of his immoral personal life. This reason that was announced by the entertainment company was more than enough bait for the netizens and the press.

Again like starved coyotes, it was obvious that they were going to attempt to try and find out what his immoral personal life was like. When I realized that they were killing Park Jaebum twice over through the evils of the internet in Korea, where human rights do not exist, where he was put in a situation where he cannot even defend himself, I could not contain my sadness.

However, my prediction was wrong. It was shocking. Surprisingly, after the announcement by the entertainment company, the public was showing boundless faith in Park Jaebum.

It was hard to find any antis attempting to witch-hunt. It was almost suspicious as to how this could happen on the internet in Korea.

Now with the past revealing his complete absorption in his training in his unfamiliar motherland, his tearful love for his parents who were far away, the thorough self-discipline through which he would not drink or smoke because of the dream he wanted to achieve, the cheerful way in which he learned more about the Korean society, this third generation Korean-American’s pureness and humbleness has grabbed a hold of the hearts of the netizens.

The general public who are defending him do not seem like they are coming from his young female fans. Men in their thirties and forties and housewives who are over fifty are, on various message boards and blogs, revealing their opinions. They are embracing the broken dream of the third generation young Korean-American man that was so appallingly stomped on and ripped under the large entertainment company.

On the other hand, the group members that pointed the arrow of betrayal towards him, their personal lives are being exposed uncontrollably. Because they were fans all this time, they glossed over and hid the members’ two-faced personal lives, but now without any filters, their personal lives have been revealed to the point where the internet is about to explode.

The fanclub of the members has been voluntarily closed under the manager, and the members of the fancafe are leaving in mass amounts. This is an unprecedented extraordinary event that is happening in the history of Korean show business and the internet.

The regrettable part is that at the cross section where he is being given both moving faith and dirty betrayal, where he has already once experienced horrible despair, he is again being given an incurable wound from his motherland itself.

His mother has said even as she is going through this current situation, “I am able to hope rather than despair when I see the maturity that Jaebum is showing even though he is put in a situation where he could despair over all of the rumors.”

Even though he was ripped and wounded to the point where he was thoroughly hurt, I wonder if his mother’s feelings are that because this is the country of her mother, the homeland of her son, she has no choice but to stay silent and can do nothing but forgive. When I think of his mother, who has probably countlessly repressed the tears that have been exploding from deep within her heart, my heart gets choked up.

Chief Editor Choi Yoonjoo editor@wnewskorea.com

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