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Saturday, March 27, 2010

![NEWS] Swings wishes to work with G-Dragon, CL and Teddy

Interviewer: So are there any other musicians you want to work with in the future? Limited to Korean artists. (laughs)
Swings: I’ll just mention about five people. Teddy, YDG -Yang Dong Geun hyung, and Jinbo hyung. To be honest, I didn’t really know who Jinbo hyung was.
[...] Hmm… and I also wanna work with Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon) later on. On his album that was released last summer, there was this song called ‘The Leaders’ featuring Teddy and CL (of 2NE1). Kwon Jiyong’s lyrics were so awesome in that song. He knows the meaning of style. And I think rap lyrics are the coolest when you’re saying something that only you can say.
Like Jay-Z, he wrote something about how he helped the current President a little, and it’s true. He helped at elections and stuff. But how many other rappers in existence would be able to say that except Jay-Z? [...] In a similar way, Kwon Jiyong says what only he can. What he said was in English and roughly translates to “You should check your girl’s phone, that’s my face on her frame.”(laughs) As soon as I heard those words, I agreed straight away. He was so awesome. I realised he really knows how to work it. He really understands hip hop in terms of fashion as well as performances.
The music he’s doing right now may not be 100% hip hop, but he’s doing his own type of music and knows how to do it stylishly, so I think that’s hip hop too. And CL was mentioned before too, she’s also a really good rapper. She’s so talented and she knows the meaning of style too. I would love to work with any one of these people some time.
Translated sjay.x @ bbvip

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