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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

![NEWS]2PM Fans are Forced to Take Sides

The choice of the fans have never been more important than this moment as the 2PM fans “Hottest” are forced to choose the new “6PM” and JYP Entertainment or Jae Bum.

Starting with the offical fan club “Hottest” (which already had approximately 55,000 fans leave), the fans have been arguing night and day as to what their next move should be. Bombarded by stories from so called “Sae-Seng” fans (who basically follow around the celebrity 24/7), many were enraged and turned into anti-2PM and have sent threatening messages by uncovering the past of 2PM members. But some fans are pleading to give the remaining members some time and let the situation settle down a bit before making any rash decisions. Unfortunate news for JYP Entertainment and “6PM” is that substantial damage has been done and image of 2PM may take years to heal.

The Next biggest fan club, “Hwan-sang,” was initially in the direction of supporting the original 2PM with 7 members. With continuous outrage and pressure, however, the fan club has recently turned into a 2PM boycott club, and the editors of the club has kicked out many members who have spoken against this sudden twist in decision.

On March 1st, 2PM fan club “underground” (which only consists of fans older than 20), has turned its direction to supporting Jae Bum only, and the editors of the fan club will be initiating a “sweep” throughout the cafe to unite the club under one banner. DCinside 2PM Gallery has also split into two parts as there were those who argue that there has to be at least a span of a month before making any decisions to support/deny the “new” 2PM.

These are just the main clubs, and there are numerous other small fan pages that are going through the same dilemma as to which side will they stand on. Even with this commotion, 2PM members still press on with their schedule, and their future remains yet to be unfolded.

Original Source: Lee Su Hyun, Daum/Moneytoday, 03/02/2010

Translated By: Etpfest2008/ sam@kpoplive.com

Source: KPOPLIve.

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