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Saturday, March 27, 2010

!SBS Inkigayo cancelled for mourning victims of naval ship sinking

SBS has reported their decision to cancel the broadcast of all programs of comedy nature, due to the tragic sinking of a naval ship which happened on the 26th around island of Baek Ryung. Inkigayo will also be cancelled as well, alongside Challenge! 1000 Songs and People Searching for Laughter.
The accident has left 104 navy soldiers in the open ocean, and only fifty-eight of them have been rescued thus far. Forty-six haven’t been found, and their families and relatives have fallen in deep grief for their loss. Some speculate that the naval ship might have sunken due to an attack by North Korea (however, unlikely), a collision with a submerged rock, or an internal explosion of the stored weapons.
It is devastating to see such tragedy happen, especially with so many lives at stake. We sincerely hope the remaining soldiers will be safe as well, and wish the best of luck to the family members of victims in mourning.
“Deepest Condolences from KoreanUpdates.com”
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Taken from koreanupdates.com

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