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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

![TRANS] Popteen April Issue – Interview with Yunho

The miracle of them meeting!
Marimo’s miracle “Oh my god! I met Yunho!”

Even though I’m nervous I’m going to try my best!

M: I’m a model in this magazine “POPTEEN” and my name is Marimo! oh my god oh my god, do you know Popteen?
Y: I read it before to buy my sister a present.
M: Wow-! are you okay with gal’s(gyaru)? (gyaru= younger group, whose seeming lack of interest in work or marriage and younger generations may consider it clichéd)
Y: Yes it’s okay
M: That’s hilarious! okay then, do you know the “Gal words” like “age” and “sage” (age= slang used by younger generation use when your excited) (sage= slang used by younger generations, use when you’re feeling blue/down)
Y: No…I don’t know
M: Then next time when your excited try using “really age!”
Y: I’ll try using it to the members first and if their reactions are good I’ll try to spread it *laughs*
M: What kind of fashion do you like for girls?
Y: Umm.. I like what you’re wearing.
M: Really! oh my god! oh my god! then what type of girls do you like?
Y: Someone bright and who will trust me.
M: If its “ora-ora”, “nyan-nyan”, or “ora-nyan” what are you? (ora-ora= tough,manly people use for guys & girls) (nyan-nyan= sweet,cute people use for both guys & girls) (ora-nyan= who are tough but can be cute)
Y: Eh..? O…Oranyan?
M: I think you’re “ora-ora” outside and at your house you’re “nyan-nyan” which makes you a “ora-nyan”
Y: Ohh, bingo then!
M: Wow! I got it right!
Y: When im with alot of my friends im the leader type and “ora-ora” but when im alone with my girlfriend im more “nyan-nya”
M: What word would make you happy?
Y: Hmm.. “I’m happy”? when im with her and if she said she was happy I think it’ll make my heart skip a beat.
M: I’m happy now! haha this is the happiest day of my life! Oh I’m going to korea next time, where were you born?
Y: It’s this place called “Gwangju”. Its like Japan’s Nagoya. There are a lot of guys who are manly.
M: Like Kyushu-danji? (Kyushu-danji= guys who are born in Kyushu part of Japan, they are known to be strong and has the image of a heavy drinker) Im was born at Chiba and we’re famous for peanuts and watermelons…
Y: My hometown is famous for watermelons too
M: Wow! what a coincidence! What kind of a guy were you as a high school student?
Y: I was bright and loved sports. I was like an athlete. Right now I’m a senior at college and I’m studying now to go to graduate school.
M: Wow! What do you do on your days off?
Y: I go to the movie theater, I travel with my friends and take pictures.
M: What are you interested in right now?
Y: Snowboard. I go snowboarding a lot
M: Right now I’m actually studying Korean and I was planning to introduce myself in korean but I was so nervous I forgot!
Y: What do you know ?
M: Yunho Oppa
Y: It feels nice to be called that
M: Lastly, is there a message for the readers of Popteen?
Y: Spring is a new start. everyone should plan something to do and do it! and when you know it you’ll probably be a better woman. I’ll be cheering for you Marimo-san.
M: When I was going through tough times, I always listened to Tohoshinki’s songs and got power. And when I see you I get power too. I think thats how everyone feels.
Y: That really made me happy!
M: Thank you so much! My hands are sweating, my hands are sweating! It’s so hot!

source: Popteen April Issue
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
Shared by: DBSKnights

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